It’s the streaming era and there’s a lot to catch up on. Watchlists are getting longer and longer as audiences try to get to grips with the sheer amount of content out there. With so many major franchises and shows out there right now, plus the endless list of movies to jump into, there has to be a better way to organize everything.

Fortunately, these Redditors may have the key. On the social media platform, there has been a lot of discussion about how someone can best use their time and make sure they are on top of all the releases each week. Some of them can definitely be implemented immediately!


Search filter with JustWatch

Looking for what to watch and where it is available can be such a struggle. There are so many streaming platforms out there and of course it can vary from country to country. Not all apps or websites manage to filter searches properly, to really allow for an accurate representation of what’s available.

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But Redditor unclefishbits has a useful solution for this. They say “JustWatch does a REALLY good job with the search filter”. This is a fundamental element of data organization that can be really helpful when it comes to creating a personal watchlist with genuine ease.

Use a spreadsheet

Sometimes it is better to go back to basics. When there are so many different platforms and ways to watch, no one can remember everything. That is why a system must be put in place to actually record everything, so that nothing is forgotten.

It turns out that very simple software can make a difference. Reddit user FreyrFreyja said, “I combine TVTime and an elaborate personal spreadsheet.” It’s a great combination, with an easily customizable spreadsheet you can apply to anything from the latest movie releases to ongoing dramas.

TVTime notifications

However, this isn’t the only mention of TVTime on Reddit. In fact, the app is mentioned quite often. For the uninitiated, TVTime is a very useful system that serves as a tracking platform for TV shows. It is the what, the where and the when. But it also has very specific uses.

Redditor OkayAtBowling breaks it down further; “One thing I appreciate is that you can get notified when new program episodes in your watchlist become available.” So this is another tip above, use this feature as it will be a game changer for your planning.

Sticky Notes

While a spreadsheet can be simple software to use, which can be customized and made as elaborate as the user wishes, sometimes even this can be overly complicated. Some people just want to have a list of everything they have yet to look at, without any style.

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Well, all laptops and phones come with a simple application to do this. MuffinMatrix said: “A sticky note widget on my desktop. Or the ‘my list’ type in apps. Simple enough.” Perhaps there is no need to exaggerate the process, and a list like this is easily understood.

Spreadsheet customization based on mood

Going back to the concept of a spreadsheet, there’s a lot more to organize than when something is active and what there is to look at in the first place. It might be a good idea to plan just in case, so there’s always a show or movie to watch, no matter the mood.

unclefishbits dived deeper into this thought process by saying, “For me, it’s the complexity of ‘I want to watch’, vs ‘I want to watch but not really’ (like depressing shows or a major documentary versus chewing gum or escaping without. brain popcorn). ” This is an important point to make and one that everyone could benefit from.

IMDb is the ultimate system

No matter how many alternatives are suggested, there is always a database that is hard to walk away from. IMDb is truly a definitive collection of titles. There are very few movies, TV shows, or even short films that won’t be tracked by IMDb in some way.

Myeff came to this conclusion by stating, “It’s not great, but it’s the only platform I’ve found that has every show or movie, whether it’s already out or not. Whenever I see something I want to watch, I add it. to watchlist. It also allows you to keep other lists to which you can name whatever you want. ” The idea that lists can be separated, using any title in the history of the industry, is certainly a compelling case for IMDb.

Use the calendar in the next episode

There are some apps and databases that perform a specific task very well but are not recommended in a different capacity. Next Episode is one of those platforms, as it is more of a tool for contributing to a spreadsheet or other planning system, rather than something to use directly.

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wujo444 touched on this further by saying, “I’ve been using Next Episode for the past ten years. It’s not the prettiest, but it has a clear schedule, the tracks have released the episode very well.” It’s that calendar feature that’s particularly useful, as it lists all the major shows and neatly arranges them in order of release.

Use of time limits

Organizing lists via the streaming platform you are using or when something is previewing is useful enough to slowly get through a huge pile of shows and movies. But, if something is only available for a limited window, it may be easy to miss early releases.

VampireHunterAlex offers an excellent solution. They say that “a large part of my decision on what to watch depends on what’s on both my list and the ‘Expiring’ or ‘Last Chance’ list: in fact, it gives me a one-month window to watch something.” This type of planning can ensure that someone gets the most out of their often expensive streaming services!

Get a great information site

Organizing the various software needed to record all this data is one thing. But those looking to create a great checklist must first consider where they are getting the initial information from. Press release aggregation sites are a useful way to watch all the latest news, straight from the sources.

inkista commented on this, saying that “I mainly use as my main source of information / tracking site. They are a press release aggregation site, with some great tools, like their Showatch page.” Everyone should have a site like this to keep up with the news before a new show arrives!

You don’t need a watchlist

Maybe everyone is thinking too much about the watchlist process. Maybe it’s best to go with the flow. Trying to keep track of everything can be overwhelming and it will always seem like there is something to lose. Maybe there is simply a better way.

jogoso2014 actually makes an interesting proposition, referring to watchlists when they say “I don’t have one. I add a couple to replace the ones I watch, but otherwise I can always find something to look at that I feel is good or that interests me”. For some, filling in the gaps and not looking too far ahead is the best advice of all.

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