Australian IaaS provider AUCloud has added to its operations in Canberra and Sydney by opening a data center in Brisbane.

The idea is to support Queensland-based organizations in the government and critical infrastructure sectors.

“By facilitating hundreds of thousands of investigations among regulatory agencies, law enforcement agencies and large private sector companies, data integrity and confidentiality are the cornerstones of building a reliable, evidence-based chain of evidence,” he said. said Comtrac, Brisbane-based investigation management SaaS provider, CEO and founder Craig Doran.

“With the recent increase in cybersecurity incidents, including very public breaches, we recognize the value that a locally based, sovereign cloud provider, such as AUCloud, can provide to mitigate data evidentiary risks. In partnership with AUCloud and specialist service partners, Comtrac is working in many investigative environments to support high-profile law enforcement, judicial and ethics investigations.”

AUCloud co-founder and CEO Phil Dawson said: “Working with partners NextDC, VMware and Veeam, AUCloud is now able to deliver a broad portfolio of geographically resilient services specifically designed to meet the security requirements of government data and critical industry sectors, including health care, financial services, resources, and energy.

“Our increasingly recognized and valued cybersecurity credentials, our obsessive focus on data retention in Australia to mitigate the risks of backing, tracking and transmitting metadata to unknown overseas parties, and our proven local service capability and partner ecosystem, they are now resonating with fine customers and their service partners.”

AUCloud has also opened a new office in central Brisbane.

Image: Kgbo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0


Hybrid cloud promises to bring the best of both worlds together by enabling businesses to combine the scale and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with the performance and control you can get from your on-premises infrastructure.

Reducing WAN latency is one of the biggest problems with hybrid cloud performance. Leveraging data compression and deduplication can reduce network latency.

Research firm Markets and Markets has forecast that the size of the hybrid cloud market is expected to grow from $38.27 billion in 2017 to $97.64 billion by 2023.

Colocation facilities offer many of the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while maintaining physical control of your systems.

The cloud adjacency provided by colocation facilities can allow you to leverage their low-latency high-bandwidth connections to the cloud, as well as provide a robust connection to your local corporate network.

Download this white paper to find out what you need to know about enabling hybrid cloud in your organization.



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