Australian Vintage Limited has appointed InnoVint as its vineyard and cellar management software provider. The partnership is intended to advance AVL’s viticulture and winemaking operations, says AVL CIO Josh Gibbons, as well as unlock innovative paths for the company.

Gibbons says the software will enable AVL to innovate and keep pace with consumer demands, both essential components to the company’s success.

“We did it in the low-alcohol wine category with our best-selling McGuigan Zero range and in the sustainable spirits category, launching our beverage ranges in May this year.

“Regarding our winemaking, InnoVint will help Australian Vintage streamline our operations from the top down, bud to bottle, giving our team time to experiment with new methods and ideas which can then be tracked and quantified.” Gibbons said.

Importantly, the scheme is paperless and aligned with AVL’s ESG-led framework released earlier this year and includes a goal of reaching zero carbon emissions in 2040.

InnoVint allows us to go beyond traditional spreadsheets into an intuitive, real-time, mobile software option in the palm of our hand. The platform offers tools to fully digitize data input and storage which means less manual tracking which makes our teams more efficient,” he says.

InnoVint serves 5000 winemakers worldwide and was created in 2013 by US-based experienced winemaker and technology expert Ashley Leonard.

“We are thrilled to find such an innovative and sustainability-minded wine partner to enhance our global corporate business. We both have a deep passion and enthusiasm for the value great technology can bring to winery efficiency, quality management and profitability,” says Leonard.

AVL says the inventory management tools within InnoVint will allow the company to more effectively track by lot, tank, barrel and other vessel by scanning QR codes.

“This provides access to information such as lab results, vessel contents and composition, history of open batches and work orders, and vessel notes. The software also allows our wineries to create visual reports and dashboards using real-time data and gain greater visibility into the profit margins of individual wines,” says Gibbons.

InnoVint features a modern cloud-based architecture, online/offline capabilities, and extensive API integration.

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