To celebrate the release of the new film Avatar: The way of the water, Snapchat and Disney have teamed up to create an augmented reality lens that turns any Snapchatter into a Na’vi, the alien race from the Avatar franchise.

Every Snapchatter will have a personalized experience. The lens uses machine learning to transform your mouth, eyes, head shape, hair and skin in real time, just like you came straight from the planet Pandora. The lens moves with the user and manages all frames locally on the device.

The intelligences behind the lens are generative adversarial neural networks, advanced computer vision and 3D graphics. And of course, the leather is complete with a blue striped texture as a true Na’vi would expect.

The lens is in stock right now and will be featured as a First Lens Snapchat run on December 15, 2022, ahead of the film’s premiere.

Check the experience yourself.

The Avatar objective is in good company; Snapchat’s Entertainment category is a leading category leveraging AR technology that has proven its effect translates into increased revenue for the brand. Over the course of 2021, cinema campaigns using an AR lens saw an average incremental reach of 32% on top of video purchases. Brands using a branded AR experience like Disney is doing here are 41% more likely to be taken into consideration by customers.

As well as being fun, these AR experiences invite Snapchatters to get to know movie characters, explore new worlds, and experience filmmaking style and storytelling in a more personal and immersive way.

In fact, Snap Inc believes AR offers nearly twice the level of visual attention than non-AR equivalents, which in turn leads to better memories and more powerful consumer responses.


Hybrid cloud promises to bring the best of both worlds together by enabling businesses to combine the scale and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with the performance and control you can get from your on-premises infrastructure.

Reducing WAN latency is one of the biggest problems with hybrid cloud performance. Leveraging data compression and deduplication can reduce network latency.

Research firm Markets and Markets has forecast that the size of the hybrid cloud market is expected to grow from $38.27 billion in 2017 to $97.64 billion by 2023.

Colocation facilities offer many of the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while maintaining physical control of your systems.

The cloud adjacency provided by colocation facilities can allow you to leverage their low-latency high-bandwidth connections to the cloud, as well as provide a robust connection to your local corporate network.

Download this white paper to find out what you need to know about enabling hybrid cloud in your organization.



These are webinars.

Marketing budgets are now focused on webinars combined with lead generation.

If you want to promote a webinar, we recommend a campaign of at least 3 to 4 weeks before the event.

The iTWire campaign will include extensive advertisements on our news site and a major promotion of the newsletter and promotional and editorial news. Plus a video interview of the main speaker on iTWire TV which will be used in promotional posts on the iTWire home page.

We are now exiting the Lockdown iTWire will focus on assisting you with your webinars and campaigns and assistance through partial payments and extended terms, a Webinar Business Booster Pack and other support programs. We can also create your announcements and written content as well as coordinate your video interview.

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