CRUNCHING numbers can conjure boring visions of endless spreadsheets and the tap-tap-tap of a calculator.

However, accounting graduates are finding pathways to exciting and unexpected careers.

Karen Woodhart took up accounting at The Gordon to back up her years of book management experience and start her own accounting business.

“I had no intentions of graduating high school and absolutely no intentions of going to university!” said Ms. Woodhart, who completed a business degree and works in the finance department at Cottage by the Sea.

“I wanted the ability to work my own hours and for myself.

“A chat with my teacher at The Gordon made me think I could go to university. I had never believed myself capable before.

Accountancy courses at The Gordon equip students with the skills they need to get started in industry and credit points towards a degree.

For Ms. Woodhart, a temporary role while studying has become a lifelong passion.

“I can’t tell you how much I love working at Cottage by the Sea,” she said.

“I’m still learning every day. Working at the Cottage is so much more than a job. It’s a privilege.

“I’m grateful for every day, and it’s a job I probably wouldn’t have been considered for if I hadn’t just finished my courses at The Gordon.

“My teachers were great and very encouraging. I completed a diploma under the government’s free TAFE program and, with many other students, went on to university to complete a degree.

Alana Spencer, Accounting Teacher at The Gordon, believes TAFE was the perfect place for Ms Woodhart to begin her accounting and bookkeeping journey.

“The Gordon has enabled Karen to return to study in a safe and supported environment, where she has gained knowledge and confidence,” Ms Spencer said.

“It allowed her to build friendships and a support group that helped her study and encouraged her to pursue higher education.

“In addition, she acquired skills that led her to an accountant role while continuing her education at Deakin University.”

Moira Wilcox, Head of Finance and Fundraising at Cottage by the Sea, said, “Karen has been a great addition to our team.”

“The practical skills she acquired during her course at The Gordon put her off to a flying start in her role with Cottage.

“Karen shows a constant desire to learn and is a huge support to all of us here.”

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