The 2022 World Cup will kick off in Qatar on Sunday 20 November and run through to the final on Sunday 18 December. You can keep track of the entire tournament with a printable scoreboard and there will be plenty to cheer on for your favorite nation’s team. However, it’s also nice to have a few skins in the game to add interest even if your favorite team isn’t playing.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers odds on all aspects of the 2022 World Cup. You can bet on individual match winners, player performances and the future of the team throughout the tournament. Additionally, DraftKings offers free pools during the group stage and knockout stage.

The World Cup is a perfect opportunity to build pools to play with friends. The simplest would be a knockout stage pool, but there is a fun and somewhat fair pool to keep people interested for the entire month of the tournament. Here’s a look at how to build a pool for you and your friends to enjoy next month’s World Cup.


You will need a number of participants divisible by the 32 countries participating in the tournament. I personally think eight entrants are best as each gets four teams and the first round gives everyone a strong contender to win it all. You can also go with four or 12 participants, but it just depends on how many people you can get.

Draft format

The draft is done in a snake format. This means that the person who chooses first in the first round chooses last in the second round, first in the third round, and last in the fourth round.


The score is the area that allows the most leeway. You can award more points to teams that advance further, or you can award an even number of points to create a little more equity between draft positions.

Furthermore, it’s up to you whether or not points are awarded for wins and draws in the group stage. I personally use group stage performances as a playoff and you don’t start earning points until teams win group stage bids. Here is the score I’ve been using since 2010.

2 points for each team that gets through the group stage
2 points for each victory in the round of 16
2 points for each victory in the quarterfinals
3 points for each victory in the semifinals
3 points if your team wins the World Cup

How he determined the winner

The person who accumulates the most points finishes first. The first draw in my pool is the most points in all group matches (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw). The second play-off is the best goal difference in all group matches.

The easiest way to keep track of the tournament is through this Google spreadsheet. If you open it, make a copy and then you can add relevant participants and teams to keep track of your pool. Once the tournament begins, you’ll note total wins and draws, list the two teams that advance from each group, and note the last knockout stage win for a given team. The formulas will determine the winner for you. If you have any questions about how the spreadsheet works, please contact me at @davidfucillo on Twitter.

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