Image shows a cyclist riding indoors using a Wahoo Kickr turbo and headwind.

(Image credit: Future)

Wahoo is a brand that has often done good business during the Black Friday period, but the Atlanta, Georgia-based tech company has outdone itself this year. For the 2022 sales season, Wahoo has dropped the prices of its Kickr V5, Kickr Bike 1.0 and Elemnt Roam V1 bike computers to all-time lows. The Bike and Roam in particular look particularly enticing at almost 50% off their original RRP prices!

The picture shows the Shimano IC102 indoor shoes

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

We recently reviewed the IC102 version of Shimano’s budget indoor spec shoe and were very impressed with the performance for the price. Breathability was good, the soles perfectly stiff enough for heavy efforts and the Velcro strap made them super quick and easy to slip on before turbo sessions.

Now, these are at the entry-level end of the market: We’ve tested pricier models that offer more breathability from the upper, the nylon sole simply isn’t as stiff as its carbon equivalents, and the Boa dials offer more adjustability than you get with a strap. Velcro.

That said, those shoes can cost over four times the price of this model – the point is, these shoes are really good value for money, and if you don’t come from a set of those high-end shoes, it’s very unlikely you’ll stay disappointed in them.

But if you want to see how this model compares to the best road cycling shoes we’ve tested, you can find our buying guide right here.

Garmin Fenix ​​​​6S on a man's wrist

(Image credit: Future)

Editor Michelle was impressed with Garmin’s Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar smartwatch when it launched earlier this year. Don’t worry, that hairy wrist of hers isn’t hers. Instead that – almost – live shot shows Content Director Rob showing off his Garmin Fenix ​​6. As someone who not only cycles but also runs, boulders and hits the gym (all bad, by the way) he’s a big fan of Fenix’s multi-sports talent.

Since Rob is actually writing this, he doesn’t mind a) referring to himself in the third person and b) telling you that if you can pick up a previous generation Fenix ​​you’re going to get one of the best cycling smartwatches out there. It gives you enough data to fill several spreadsheets, plays music, shows you WhatsApp messages and, yes, it tells the time!

Hello you!

It’s the final countdown (yes, I’m singing it in my head) to the official launch of Black Friday 2022 – there’s an official launch right? — and from now until Cyber ​​Monday Cycling Weekly will be here to help you find the best — and most authentic — cycling deals.

Wherever possible we will scour the internet to see if we can find any deals on equipment we have tested or purchased ourselves so you know the deals we present are good ones!

So, keep coming back to see what we found. And yes we will be here during football/soccer matches. (Although tomorrow 7pm in the UK we might be a little distracted…)

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