Nanoleaf continues its march in making the most creative and customizable smart lighting solutions possible with Nanoleaf Lines Squared.

Nanoleaf is known for its intelligent shape-based lighting, with hexagons, triangles and all sorts of things. Also recently released were the Nanoleaf Lines, a series of straight light bars with 60 degree spaced hex connectors. iTWire I looked at them earlier and we created our own little wall art to liven up the office.

Well, Nanoleaf is upping the ante on its Lines with the all-new Lines Squared. This time the connectors are spaced 90 degrees apart, allowing you to make straight lines or connections at 90 degrees or 270 degrees, once again making the lighting your own.

The product comes in a starter kit with four Lines Squared bars, a set of connectors, a power plug and a control unit. You can take your creativity further with separately sold expansion packs that contain three more Lines Squared bars and connectors.

First design your ideal model on the table and, when you’re ready, fix the connectors to the walls with the supplied double-sided tape or with screws, through the mounting holes on the connectors. Then, simply snap the lines into the connectors. You can just as easily remove them if you want to rearrange your design.


Each bar – or line – has two color zones, provides 20 lumens of light and has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Of course, that brightness can be turned down or up via the controller, voice commands, or apps. Nanoleaf provides its own smartphone and desktop app that helps you add and manage your lights, and if you have an existing smartphone ecosystem, you’ll find it plugs easily into Apple HomeKit or Google Home allowing you to control your Nanoleaf through those as well. app.

And here we are: a cute heart-shaped light for the youngest member of the family to help them sleep at night, and which can be controlled by schedule, set to different themes and patterns, and turned on and off remotely by the parents. It’s not only quite extravagant and special, but it’s so much better than him keeping the main room ceiling light on all night (and all day!)


The lines also function as Thread border routers and are also compatible with IFTTT, SmartThings, Razer Chroma and Corsair iCue, meaning you can totally integrate Nanoleaf lights into your entire ecosystem whatever that may be.

The Nanoleaf Lines Squared Starter Kit has a retail price of $169.99 and the Nanoleaf Lines Squared Expansion Pack has a retail price of $199.98.

Check it out in action below, and also be sure to keep an eye out for Nanoleaf’s Black Friday sales, too.


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