Design Incident Tracking Spreadsheet

People will usually use Microsoft Excel or a similar program to maintain their data. Excel can be used not only to manage a huge amount of data that contains numbers and accounting but it can also be used to track some incidents of a certain matter. Excel also can be used to create an incident tracking spreadsheet.

How Does It Work?

An incident tracking spreadsheet is very useful to save the record of some incidents from a certain matter. It is usually in an excel form then it can record the data and convert it into a spreadsheet. You can make a form first in excel that contains the information of the incident. It contains the main points of that incident based on the matter of the incidents. The detailed information is needed in this case to provide the incident tracking spreadsheet. The general information usually consists of the type of incident, the date of the incident, the cause of the incident, the time of the incident (from it starts until it ends), the location, and the chronology of the incident. You fill it all in the form that you have made in a sheet in Excel. There are many samples of the templates in Excel that you can use. After you have filled the form with all the information, you can pull the data after that and the result is the template data according to the information that you have already input. If you want to find a definite incident, you can filter it according to the items of information that you have already put.

Is It Effective and Efficient?

People will use an incident tracking spreadsheet for a certain case. People who usually use this type of spreadsheet are people who have a certain business that is most likely having incidents on their business. They have to record the incidents to identify the problem, find the solution to the problem, and do some improvement to avoid similar incidents happening many times. It is proven effective for some people. They input every incident that occurs in their business. Then, they can easily find the incident and the chronology on their file in a spreadsheet when they need it. It is more effective than they have to find the file by searching one by one. It will take more time and be less efficient. You can assume if you only have a written report on the incident without having it on your soft files. You will spend days finding a document of certain incidents. It is so much better if you have recorded the report on an Excel file using an incident tracking spreadsheet. What you need to do is only open the file and filter one of the headings, then you can find the report that you are searching for in a short time.

People usually forget about some important incidents in their business if they do not have any reports and records about that. It is a fatal mistake in any kind of business. From that spreadsheet, you can learn about the mistakes that cause the incidents and avoid them to happen in the future. It can be used to evaluate the weakness of a certain part of your business. Some people sometimes use a third-party application to identify the problem in the incident spreadsheet then analyze the solution to solve the problem. Many programs offer this kind of service. It will also help you. Using the incident tracking spreadsheet is a good solution and a good choice for the development of your business because learning from mistakes is a good way to improve your business.

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