Doubloons have taken over TikTok, but the trend is still confusing many people. Does it have an official site?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, doubloons are a virtual currency that people collect and trade on TikTok.

The imaginary money isn’t actually real and internet users are just role-playing, but the silly internet meme has gone viral on the app.

People collect the imaginary coins, put them in a bank, use them to buy things and even get into debt – and the coins are given to you by a cat.

The whole thing is quite bizarre, but still entertains Internet users. So how do you participate? Is there a website? Read on to find out…

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The wonder | Official trailer | Netflix





Is there an official doubloon site?

No, there is no official website and Doubloons is not an online game you can play. The whole thing is entirely fictional and based on TikTok.

You receive coins when they are given to you in a video on your For You page. A cat appears and says “hello traveller” before gifting you a certain number of coins.

The feline can also charge you for items and deduct doubloons, and the clips are usually set to the soundtrack of the My Singing Monsters video game.

Social media users are putting the coins they have into a “bank,” which essentially just means keeping a record of how many you have.

People do it on their phone notes or even in a spreadsheet, but there’s no official website and the whole trend is open to interpretation.

Later, you can use your coins to trade with other TikTok users and buy imaginary items, but be careful not to go into doubloon debt.

TikTok user creates doubloons site

A TikTok user named @_swiggy24 has set up his own doubloon website, but it has yet to go viral on the video app.

The new Google site is called Dablooned and has different sections such as Financial, Lottery, Wallet, Emporium and Gifting.

There is also a label saying Doubloonia Housing Market and Bank of Doubloonia but the site is still a work in progress at this time.

It seems that once it does, it could be a great place to keep track of your coins, but the features still don’t work.

Doubloons versus Dabloons

If you’ve seen people on TikTok talking about dabloons, it’s exactly the same thing, people only have two ways to write currency.

On TikTok, the currency is entirely fictional, but it’s actually based on real gold Spanish coins called doubloons that were made from 6.766 grams of 22-karat gold.

They were made in Spain and used in present-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Doubloons were carried on ships across the Caribbean and traded for commodities such as silks and spices. One doubloon was worth about four Spanish dollars or 32 reales.

The coins are also associated with pirates who attacked Spanish ships and stole the gold doubloons.

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