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Peabody, MA – (ReleaseWire) – 11/17/2022 – Regardless of the size of a business, all businesses need insurance. However, many of these companies manage their coverage the old-fashioned way. These old-school scenarios may sound familiar: policies managed in separate systems from loss prevention and security incidents, manual input that should be replaced with automation, information pulled from other companies or brokers via email or spreadsheets instead of a centralized data system, response to workplace problems after the fact instead of proactive planning and policy creation that benefits the insurer and not the policyholder. At the most basic level, Insurance Journal estimates that 75% of businesses are completely underinsured.

Taking the first step to solving these problems can seem daunting to the average business owner, especially small business owners who typically wear a lot of hats and need guidance on coverage. The answer simply begins by contacting one of the nation’s leaders in alternative, technology-enabled commercial coverage solution providers: eMaxx, an all-encompassing, one-stop solution experience where members take control of their destiny with coverages and get cost lower .

How does it work? In a captive insurance structure, customers become owners because owners are customers. It’s empowering, it’s liberating, and it works. Members work with professionals to curate the policies that work best for them. This is especially important for underrepresented niche markets including energy, utilities, transportation, towing, waste, recycling, construction and more recently, cranes and rigging. Clients are real members of eMaxx’s boards of directors and make decisions that matter to their bottom line.

In addition to solid hedging there are additional strategies that are an integral part of the eMaxx experience. This includes risk management technology, which according to John Talley of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance is “crucial to the functioning of any business … and captive insurance companies are excellent vehicles.” In short, the two strategies are inextricably linked. High-tech platforms are no longer simply recommended; they are bound to make a difference in the market. eMaxx offers everything from 24/7 learning platforms to access to third party data, warranty reviews, state of the art telematics, dashcams and more.

Furthermore, claims management is part of the entire platform. This strategy identifies and analyzes company trends using third-party data to avoid or mitigate harsh litigation judgments before they happen. It also streamlines the entire editing and review experience from start to finish. From liability to workers compensation, clients can be confident that they are receiving and participating in tailored coverage.

Better control, far reaching benefits, previously unattainable coverage, profit sharing and lower costs. Why not take advantage of all these benefits by partnering with eMaxx. Reinvent your trading program today.

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