On Thursday, ExlService (NASDAQ: EXLS) provided an updated forecast for its earnings for fiscal year 2022, which it had previously provided. Compared to the average forecast made by market analysts of $ 5.73, the company expects to achieve earnings per share of between $ 5.85 and $ 5.95 for the quarter. Additionally, the company provided a sales projection that fell somewhere between $ 1.39 billion and $ 1.40 billion, which is higher than the consensus-determined revenue estimate of $ 1.36 billion.

ExlService’s share price rose $ 1.45 during Thursday’s lunchtime session, taking it to a new high of $ 177.53. There were 1,021 exchanges of the company’s shares compared to the average daily volume of 321,461 shares traded in the company’s shares. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 42.43, a price-earn-growth ratio of 2.69, and a beta of 1.01. Its market capitalization is $ 5.87 billion. ExlService’s current price marks the 52-week high at $ 184.74, while the current price of the 52-week low is $ 112.14. The debt / equity ratio was calculated at 0.33; the fast ratio was calculated as 2.02; the actual ratio was also calculated to be 2.02 and so on. The simple moving average for the company over the past 200 days is $ 154.68, while its direct moving average over the past 50 days is $ 165.85.
The spreadsheet application known as EXLS has been discussed in several publications written by research analysts. Citigroup has raised its price target on ExlService from $ 140.00 to $ 145.00, as stated in a research report released on Friday, October 28. In a research report released Friday, October 28, Needham & Company LLC advised investors to buy shares of ExlService and raised their price target for the company’s stock from $ 190.00 to $ 200.00. The report was posted on the company’s website. The recommendation on ExlService was moved from a buy rating to a maintenance rating in a report released by StockNews.com on October 20. The report was entitled “Research Update on Extra Services”. Cowen raised its price target for ExlService from $ 155.00 to $ 170.00 in a research note published on Friday, July 29. Cowen raised its price target for ExlService to $ 175.00, as stated in a research note released on Tuesday. They made this last change, but it was certainly not the least important. Five of the equity research experts gave the stock a buy recommendation, one of the analysts gave the stock a hold rating, and one of the analysts gave the stock a sell rating. According to information made available by Bloomberg, the company’s stock currently has a moderate buy rating from the market and has an average price target of $ 166.57.
Recently, hedge funds have changed the way they currently hold stocks. In the first three months of this year, Covestor Ltd. increased the number of ExlService shares it held by 6,266.7%. Covestor Ltd. now has a total of 955 shares in the company, which has a market value of $ 137,000 after purchasing an additional 940 shares during the most recent quarter. Each share of the company’s stock is worth $ 1.40. During the second quarter, Creative Planning successfully increased the number of shares owned in ExlService by a percentage equal to 13.5%. Following the acquisition of an additional 205 shares during the relevant period, Creative Planning now owns the business service provider’s shares, with a total value of $ 253,000. This was possible thanks to the purchase of n. 205 shares in the period indicated above. Additionally, Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. invested approximately $ 264,000 in acquiring a new stake in ExlService during the first three months of the current calendar year. Additionally, Jane Street Group LLC added approximately $ 267,000 to its ExlService holdings during the first three months of 2018. Last but not least, during the first quarter, Neuberger Berman Group LLC added a new investment to ExlService for total value approximately $ 296,000 upon completion of the investment. The vast majority of the company’s shares (98.39% of the total) are owned by institutional investors who have bought large blocks of shares.

ExlService Holdings, Inc. is a provider of data analytics, digital operations and solutions and the company manages operations not only in the United States but also in many other countries. The company’s four distinct business segments are analytics, new business development, healthcare and insurance. The company serves the insurance industry by providing analytics-driven operations and solutions across a variety of domains, such as claims processing, premium and benefit administration, agency management, account reconciliation, policy research, underwriting support, new business acquisition, policy assistance, premium audits, surveys, billing and collection, as well as commercial and residential insurance.

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