CORPORATE NEWS: Global cybersecurity and network management software company, FirstWave, today announced it has been recognized as a “Hot Vendor” by Aragon Research, Inc in a new cybersecurity report.

The recognition as a “Hot Vendor” confirms FirstWave’s growing reputation in the global information security industry.

FirstWave offers a suite of products focused on cybersecurity, specifically cloud-delivered virtualized email, web, and firewall security, as well as network discovery, auditing, configuration, and management. This combination of tools allows enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) to manage and secure digital infrastructure and end-user activities in a simple and highly automated way.

“What makes FirstWave attractive is its ability to provide a platform for deploying best-of-breed multi-vendor cybersecurity solutions, eliminating the complexity of deploying and configuring each offering independently,” he said. said Craig Kennedy, Senior Director of Research at Aragon Research. “CyberCision removes the complexity of deploying and managing disparate cybersecurity tools through consolidated orchestration, all within a single pane of glass.”

FirstWave Named as “Hot Vendor” Ahead of Aragon Research’s Transform 2022 Awards Ceremony to be held in San Francisco, California on 8th December.

FirstWave CEO Danny Maher said, “Inclusion in Aragon Research’s ‘Hot Vendor’ report reflects FirstWave’s long-term commitment to innovation and success. Cybersecurity software needs to be constantly updated to stay effective, and cloud-based deployment is the best and most cost-effective way for organizations of all sizes to stay protected with the latest technologies.”

FirstWave’s cyber security software, CyberCisionTM extensionis a cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) platform that offers the latest technologies for email, web, firewalls and advanced detection and response (ADR) solutions.

CyberCysionTM extension is operated by service providers worldwide as a cloud-based cybersecurity service, enabling their customers to gain access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity services without having to implement anything and removing the complexity of deployment and management . It includes advanced detection and response mechanisms and a mobile app that provides real-time monitoring and alerting of cybersecurity incidents, as well as access to historical reports.

The Aragon Research report said cybersecurity attacks were at an all-time high with technology vendors rushing to offer tools to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

“Enterprises and government organizations are being targeted, and the challenge today is how to deal with the sheer volume and sophistication of these cyberattacks, given the unprepared state of many organizations to deal with them,” the report said.

About FirstWave:

FirstWave is a global cybersecurity and network monitoring technology company formed in 2004. FirstWave’s unique CyberCisionTM extension The platform provides best-of-breed cybersecurity technologies, enabling FirstWave’s partners, including some of the world’s largest telecom operators and managed service providers (MSPs), to protect their customers from cyberattacks, rapidly increasing service revenues of cyber security on a large scale. In January 2022, FirstWave acquired Opmantek Ltd (Opmantek), a leading provider of enterprise-grade IT audit, automation and network management software, with 150,000 organizations using their software in 178 countries and enterprise customers, including Microsoft, Telmex, Claro, NextLink and NASA. CyberCision integrationTM extension with Opmantek’s flagship Network Management Information System (NMIS) and Open-AudIT enables FirstWave to provide a complete end-to-end solution for network discovery, management and cybersecurity for its partners globally .


Hybrid cloud promises to bring the best of both worlds together by enabling businesses to combine the scale and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with the performance and control you can get from your on-premises infrastructure.

Reducing WAN latency is one of the biggest problems with hybrid cloud performance. Leveraging data compression and deduplication can reduce network latency.

Research firm Markets and Markets has forecast that the size of the hybrid cloud market is expected to grow from $38.27 billion in 2017 to $97.64 billion by 2023.

Colocation facilities offer many of the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while maintaining physical control of your systems.

The cloud adjacency provided by colocation facilities can allow you to leverage their low-latency high-bandwidth connections to the cloud, as well as provide a robust connection to your local corporate network.

Download this white paper to find out what you need to know about enabling hybrid cloud in your organization.



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