Can you imagine a world without Google?

Google offers a wide variety of tools for nearly every business need imaginable.

Although the company has only been around since 1998, it has become a ubiquitous part of the technology landscape. And you’re probably aware that the company’s offerings have expanded to include a wide range of tools.

In this piece, we’ll look at 10 different tools offered by the Mountain View, California-based tech giant and how they can be used by businesses, large and small.

Here are some of the best.

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With over 1.8 billion users worldwide and a 27% share of the email client market, Gmail offers more than just personal email accounts.

It is also popular with businesses. Today, more than 5 million businesses use G Suite, which also includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Hangouts, and more. We will explore some of these later.

Gmail is a fast, secure, and reliable email service provider that you can customize for your own domain. You can also try these Gmail hacks to boost your productivity.

If you’ve ever had to help a relative get rid of numerous toolbars from their browser or waited impatiently for a window to take care of a memory leak, you know how important a quality web browser is.

Google Chrome offers you a safe way to browse the Internet.

It also has dedicated developer tools to help you build new websites and test APIs, and its functionality is updated weekly.

Keep important files safe in the cloud or share them with anyone using Google Drive.

With built-in protection against malware and spam, it gives you a secure way to save and collaborate on files.

It also uses Google’s powerful search features, so you can easily find what you’re looking for in your 15GB of free storage.

One of two apps designed to replace Google Hangouts (Chat being the other), Meet is Google’s answer to Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

Use of this video conferencing service has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks in part to noise canceling filters, multi-way audio, and screen sharing features.

When it comes to real-time collaboration on documents and spreadsheets, Google Docs is extremely useful.

Part of the G Suite tools, it is hosted online, which allows multiple users to interact with the same document at the same time. See changes as they are made, auto-save or easily roll back to previous versions with ease.

Disorganization is a big problem for many people.

Google Calendar is a great way to eliminate this problem, more effectively manage your time and meet your commitments.

Sync across all your devices to remind you of a salesperson call, block time for a sales presentation, or make an appointment from anywhere.

Spammers, hackers, and other cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated.

Google helps you protect yourself in all its digital properties with the help of two-step verification. By sending a text message or email with a unique code that you can use to access your accounts, it provides greater security than just a password.

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Google Data Studio lets you unlock the power of your data with customizable reports and dashboards.

By allowing you to connect all your spreadsheets, analytics and other data sources in one platform, Looker Studio is an essential tool for any business seeking new insights or trying to get across an impactful message.

Google Voice lets you create a digital phone number where you can make and receive calls and messages. You can get a personal number or a business number. Google Voice also lets you port your current number depending on which carrier you use.

Google Voice has a ton of great features. One of the best is that you can receive messages and calls anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This means that if you travel abroad you can still make and receive phone calls.

Keeping up with all the latest updates about your industry and how it affects your business is a must. Google News makes it more accessible than ever.

Google News is a news aggregation service developed by Google. View a continuous feed of news and magazine articles from thousands of new websites from all over the Internet.

But that is not all. You can customize the Google News feed to display only articles on topics that interest you. Take it a step further by narrowing it down to a specific location.

Google is much more than a search engine. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for everything you need to run your business and life, for that matter.

And these 10 products are just a fraction of everything Google offers.

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