Ekincare’s patented technology and a pan-India network of over 10,000 cashless healthcare providers make it one of the leading integrated OPD benefits platforms in India. ekincare is trusted by over 500 companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, HSBC, BNY Mellon and Target, to design and implement unified OPD benefits including health checkups, medical consultations, pharmacy, emergency ambulance services, health support mental health, access to gyms and fitness centers, vaccinations, insurance top-ups and more among their more than 2 million employees and families in the new normal. Mr. Srikanth Samudrala, Co-Founder & CTO of ekincare shares further insights on the same.

1) How is ekincare simplifying unstructured medical data on its platform? What is the technology behind the process?

Medical data is not generated and maintained in a standard universal format. A critical step in making sense of data is to have all structured information in a usable state. ekincare has a patented medical record standardization and personalization tool that leverages AI, ML, deep learning and analytics. Scanned PDF reports are processed using the optical character recognition tool, which converts the PDF into usable text. From this text, ekincare’s proprietary model extracts relevant details, including names, results and ranges. The model was developed using state-of-the-art deep neural architectures consisting of convolutional neural networks and long-term memory layers. Ekincare’s deep learning models have been trained with over 2 lakhs of lab reports.

Deep learning has shown much promise in solving previously intractable problems (e.g., image recognition, entity detection, etc.). Deep learning uses neural networks that mimic the brain to learn and enhance experience.

Ekincare’s patented algorithm helps convert reports from multiple labs into structured data, which in turn helps generate health analyzes for individuals and population analyzes for other clients.

2) What are the current problems faced by companies in managing their HRMS systems and what are the initiatives that ekincare has brought about?

Understanding the problems faced by businesses and the HR community in India, ekincare has developed this revolutionary solution that allows organizations to connect their Slack or MS teams with (a system/portal/database). This data can automatically manage employee data (any new launch, addition and removal of employees can be done through this one-step process).

This innovative solution also gives employers/HR the additional tool to send a personalized welcome message to employees upon account activation, resulting in increased activation and usage. This platform will initially be able to send welcome messages, but in the future, through Artificial Intelligence, it will be able to answer standard questions regarding employee accounts. This also becomes an additional channel for interacting with employees.

3) How does your technological innovation benefit or hinder productivity and affect the business in terms of costs?

  1. ekincare simplifies the management of health benefits. Solve the complex challenge of managing and delivering a consistent experience to employees in remote locations,
  2. ekincare uses data to improve an organization’s health outcomes. Support organizations with targeted interventions, improving cost efficiency

ekincare has created an integrated and patented AI-powered health benefits platform that provides real-time insights into health metrics for both employers and employees. This approach allows the system to provide personalized health recommendations to continuously improve your health quotient. At the same time, this helps save on healthcare costs and lowers employee health insurance premiums.

4) How is this API integration different from the normal spreadsheet and Excel generated by HRMS systems?

HRMS systems are typically not designed to manage health benefits, but connect to other systems. Healthcare systems need to collaborate with actors in the healthcare ecosystem. Managing a network of benefit OPD partners is challenging. ekincare offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for employers to provide health benefits (health checkups, mental health care, medical consultations) to their employees.

5) How will this improve the user experience for key stakeholders? How does this solution enable easy compliance to improve employee health care and well-being?

From an employer’s perspective, ekincare significantly reduces complexity and compliance requirements (in contracts, data privacy, user consent and data additions/deletions). Bringing the best-in-class experience for comprehensive benefits (ranging from health checkups, medical consultations, e-pharmacy, health coaching, dentistry, vision, and vaccinations)

ekincare’s patented AI-powered platform provides a comprehensive corporate health benefits solution for employee health benefits. Its innovative approach allows policyholders to access the full range of wellness features and services in one place via the wellness portal and app. In addition to health rewards, some features include video/teleconsultation, pharmacy and diagnostic services, online chat with doctors, doctor’s appointments, on-call doctor and second opinion. All these services are digitally managed by the ekincare platform.

6) What firewall, endpoint security, or NAC integration does your product provide to block or contain the data breach and safeguard customer data?

We believe in a layered security approach. There are multiple systems, ranging from Fortigate Firewall with MFA tokens to McAfee Antivirus systems to defend data loss prevention software on different levels.

Cisco access point – NAC

ManageEngine Patch management

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