Home and Away stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor are currently role-playing an imaginary pregnancy — something “quite weird” to do with your real-life partner.

The Australian actors, both in their 30s, play on-screen couple Ziggy and Dean, and according to Dillman, the storyline has led to some interesting conversations.

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The Channel 7 show has left fans on a cliffhanger as Ziggy and Dean are expecting their first child.

As part of the storyline, Dillman — whose real-life boyfriend is her character’s partner on the show — had to wear a fake pregnancy belly, which she said was “a bit bizarre.”

“I feel lucky enough to be able to practice all the pregnancy stuff without the actual pregnancy,” she told 7Entertainment in an exclusive interview.

Sophie Dillman’s character Ziggy discovers she is pregnant. Credit: Seven

“You know, Ziggy’s had it all: he’s had nausea, fatigue, mood swings, pain, Braxton Hicks, all that kind of stuff.

“Going through all of this, especially with your real-life partner, actually sparks a lot of conversations that I don’t think a lot of people would have unless they’re literally carrying around a fake pregnancy belly.”

Dillman admits it’s “pretty weird” that the fake pregnancy is with O’Connor.

“It kind of is,” he says.

“But at the same time, Ziggy and Dean are very different than Sophie and Paddy, so coming home and taking his belly off and all that kind of stuff means it’s very separate.

Sophie Dillman and Paddy O’Connor. Credit: Instagram

“It was actually really fun.”

Dillman says the imagined pregnancy has sparked conversations about a potential real life, sharing that they’re “talking about it and still talking about it all the time.”

“It’s not what we want to do right now, but it’s definitely something we want to look into someday,” he says.

“So it was fun making all the guesses.”

Stay in Seychelles

Meanwhile, Dillman and O’Connor have just gotten off the plane after a vacation in the Seychelles, a vacation she says was amazing.

“I’m a water mermaid through and through,” she says.

“So we snorkelled every day, saw the most amazing fish and turtles.”

Sophie Dillman recalls her trip to the Seychelles. Credit: 7NEWS

He calls Seychelles “another world” with “beautiful” people and “giant tortoises walking everywhere”.

“I think being from Australia and being an island nation, you don’t think you’d travel that far to see other beaches,” she says.

“But the landscape is so different and the water was amazing and the culture was amazing.

“We are so lucky to have gone.”

On traveling with her partner, Dillman says they “travel very well together, which is very fortunate.”

“We are both equally organized and disorganized in different places.

“I do a lot of research beforehand and do a lot of preparation, places I want to see and go and that sort of thing.

“I’m a spreadsheet lady and he does a lot of technical preparation, figuring out where to transfer your money and phones and all that kind of stuff.

“So we make a really good team,” he says.

Dillman says the only quirk related to O’Connor’s travels is that he “takes a long time to pack.”

“I kind of throw everything in there and I’m pretty quick at that,” she says.

“But it seems to take up a lot of time, which is quite frustrating when you don’t have much time.”

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