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Buying a home comes with a mountain of new information that requires a whole new skill set. When Adrienne Jung first bought hers in 2021, the sheer load of data proved overwhelming and she immediately felt out of control with no easy way to keep track of everything. She is not alone.

Unsurprisingly, studies show that moving is one of the most stressful life events people go through.

Between closets laden with business cards, loose warranties, and keeping track of passwords for streaming services, managing a family, especially a new one, plus a busy work schedule can lead to a complex web of daunting tasks.

“I started making spreadsheets and tried using different software,” said Jung, co-founder and CEO of eeva. “There are hundreds of comprehensive productivity tools to help me work better in the office, but not help me manage my home.”

Professionally, Jung has built his career on operational excellence and business efficiency, so he was a natural fit. With over 10 years of experience in leadership roles, she has guided organizations through complex operational roadmaps and significant change.

And so, together with co-founder Jarrod Nichol, a 20-year entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses, he created eeva, a revolutionary home management system in the form of a mobile app to help people stay on top of the their home life.

Driving the smart into smart homes

The hometech startup is developing the next generation of tools that will transform the way homeowners interact with their homes and families. Smarter home technology for a smoother balance in home life.

Through a centralized database, consumers collect and then access all information regarding their ownership and household management.

This means that everything from contractor information to schedules to chore lists and directories lives in one organized place. Selected information can also be shared with family members for better collaboration.

“We’re taking the technological advances that have been made in the business arena like CRM, ERP and project management tools, and building the equivalent ecosystem for homes,” Jung said.

With the added benefit of artificial intelligence, the software aims to help homeowners be proactive in home maintenance, saving time and money.

Eeva also plans to offer a marketplace that connects users to home improvement products and services, with a comprehensive rating and review system.

Since its soft launch, the startup has focused on raising money to build its first minimum viable product. Targeting the North American market, eeva has opened its doors to invite curious early adopters to be among the first in the world to experience the benefits the platform has to offer.

The rise of home-centric technology

It’s an exciting time for the next generation of homeowners. According to the Census Bureau, the number of American homeowners has risen to 143 million, and 37 percent of new home buyers are now tech-savvy millennials.

As a result, interest in smart home technology has increased, and the emergence of new and innovative home technologies such as smart locks, surveillance, and voice assistants point to a burgeoning market trend for tech-savvy households. As a result, US households are filled with such gadgets, counting on average a total of 22 connected devices, a survey has revealed.

The post-pandemic future is clearly driven by technology, and innovative technologies are constantly reinforcing the idea that time is one of our most precious resources, especially time spent with the people we love.

With solutions like eeva bursting onto the scene, there is so much potential to revolutionize the way we spend our precious time by changing the way we run our precious homes. Personalized home technology could be the key to leading a more efficient life with greater rewards.

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