Finding great deals on flights is always nice, especially now that budgets are tighter. But it’s not all about luck. There is an art to always getting the best prices. Learn how to make the most of our money-saving tools, along with some data-backed tips.

When it comes to finding great flight deals, travelsphere is full of complicated strategies and myths that are easy to dispel. It’s time to cut the nonsense. We’re looking at the actual data to show you what really works. Ready to always make a deal? Here we go.

First things first: understand the science behind flight pricing

Most airlines rate their flights dynamically, so prices can change from day to day or even from hour to hour. Airlines take accessibility, demand, availability and many other factors into consideration when evaluating their flights. But there is a pattern. Skyscanner’s travel nerds (data savvy) have found that airline tickets tend to follow a weekly cycle. Prices are generally lower at the beginning of the week.

If you want to overcome the guesswork, sign up for aa Skyscanner price alert. You will be notified whenever the price of your flight changes. It’s free and easy to turn off.

If you’re looking for flights with Skyscanner, you don’t need to switch to incognito mode or clear your cache and clear your cookies. We never use any form of tracking to change flight results. You can browse safely knowing that we always show the best prices we can find.

We have seen some general trends when it comes to flight prices. Flight prices tend to follow a weekly cycle and are often priced lower at the beginning of the week than later. Midweek flights tend to be cheaper than weekend flights. But every trip is different. There is always a chance that the flight you want won’t follow the trend when it comes to pricing. Skip the guesswork and let a Skyscanner price alert tell you when a price drops.

Gone are the days of holding 25 airline and travel agent tabs open, looking for the best flight prices on a daily basis. Thanks to our technical team, Skyscanner searches over 10 billion (yes, with a B) of prices per day from the best airlines and travel sites in the world, to find the right flight for you. And it’s not just the price you can filter. Find flights based on speed, value for money and environmental impact.

Get great flight deals during the sales

While there are great deals to be found all year round, this is when flights are likely to go on sale:

What? When? Ideal for?
Black Friday Friday 25 November 2022 All travel offers; mainly long-haul flights between the UK-US and the UK-Australia. Low cost airlines sometimes also have £ 5 flights to European cities.
Cyber ​​Monday Monday 28th November 2022 Flights and travel essentials like suitcases and accessories from online retailers
Saint Stephen December 26th All travel offers

Find great flight deals with Skyscanner features

Delete browser bookmarks and spreadsheets. Skyscanner’s website and Skyscanner app make it easy to find the best deals no matter where you’re going. Here are some of our favorite features:

Find flights to anywhere

It pays to be spontaneous. When you type in your destination on the Skyscanner website or app, look for the “Anywhere” option. We will reveal the cheapest destinations in Europe and around the world for the dates you would like to travel, based on the prices found in the last eight days.

Search flights by month

It’s easier to find great flight deals if your travel dates are flexible. Select “Whole month” in the search calendar. We will show you the cheapest prices for that route and for that month found in the last 4 days. If you are super flexible, selecting “cheapest month” will allow you to find cheap flights throughout the year.

More cities, one reservation

Are you going around the world or do you want to extend your stay? Instead of searching for multiple one-way flights, use Skyscanner’s multi-city search feature to save money and simplify your plans. We’ll review multiple airlines and online travel agents for your trip, creating the best (and cheapest) itinerary for you.

Jump when prices drop

When you find a flight you like, with a price you don’t like, set up a Skyscanner Price Alert. We will look at the flight or flights that interest you and send you an email or push notification when prices change. This is the best way to find a deal if you have a few weeks or months before planning your purchase.

Mix and match

You don’t have to book your return flight, even if you’re planning on returning home. Sometimes it is cheaper to leave with one airline and return with another. You can also watch the flight in / out of one airport and the return to / from another. This is especially useful for cities with multiple airports such as Paris, London and New York. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to travel around the UK a bit. For example, flights from Edinburgh may cost more than taking the train to and from Manchester Airport. It takes a while to navigate your flight search to find the best deals, but it can lead to some really great flight deals.

Ready to find great flight deals?

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