In a file photo, residents speak during an Ivins City Council public hearing, Ivins, Utah, September 1, 2022 | Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

ST. GEORGE – Ivins residents are receiving a letter in their mailbox that could shape the future of their city.

Envelope received from Ivins residents with a survey of the city’s future master plan, November 2022 | Photo courtesy of Ivins City, St. George News

A poll inside an envelope with the words “Let’s plan Ivins’ future together” began arriving in residents’ mailboxes on Monday. Even if it’s not another Publishers Clearing House message, it’s not spam.

“The city has gone to considerable expense to get input from as large a cross-section of our residents as possible. The survey is critical to this effort,” Ivins Mayor Chris Hart told the St. George News. “The questions were designed to be simple to answer and came with a prepaid return envelope, so only 10-15 minutes of a resident’s time to complete and deliver outgoing mail.”

The four-page survey allows residents to rank one to five — with five being the most favorable and one being the least — questions such as how residents feel about public safety and traffic; whether residents need more – or less – parks, cycleways or roundabouts; what types of developments and businesses should the city be attracted to.

“There are many important questions dealing with both residential and commercial future development and I look forward to seeing the answers from our residents,” said Hart.

Image from cameras inside the Ivins City Hall council chambers showing Ivins Mayor Chris Hart in front of a chalkboard during one of six town hall meetings held on the city’s master plan, Ivins, Utah, October 27, 2022 | Photo courtesy of Ivins City, St. George News

The survey results will be combined with input from six City Hall meetings held in the city over the past month and will shape a revised master plan for the city. Those town halls have seen rooms nearly filled to capacity and whiteboards full of ideas.

Hart said that between the surveys and the whiteboards, the data will be entered into a spreadsheet and analyzed, then provided to the Planning Commission and city council to guide the final leg of ongoing discussions to revise the city’s master plan. Those discussions, the first zoning and master plan review in Ivins since August 2015, I’ve been running since January.

“I assure you that the poll and information gathered in our six town hall meetings will be a key part of those ongoing discussions,” Hart said.

A sample of questions in a survey received by Ivins residents about the city’s future master plan, November 2022 | Photo courtesy of Ivins City, St. George News

The zoning and master plan seems to come up at every Ivins City Council meeting, including recent debates on resort zoning, short-term rentals, and water use. Potentially, responses from residents could determine whether Ivins will continue its current plan to primarily derive revenue from tourism, as well as whether to maintain building heights and standards, and the possible addition of more pickleball courts.

Responses will be anonymous, as there will be nothing on the survey or return envelope to determine which residents filled it out or where they live, only that they are Ivins residents. The return envelope will bear a code that will indicate only the area of ​​the city of origin. Also, the survey can only be returned in the envelope provided and only one envelope is provided for each address.

The envelope may also be returned directly to the Ivins City Hall at 85 N. Main Street.

Determining the future of the city has a deadline. Must be returned by November 20th.

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