New Delhi,UPDATED: November 24, 2022 6:44 PM IST

By Ankita Garg: Many big tech companies are laying off thousands of employees across all divisions due to which LinkedIn is seeing a sharp increase in engagement as many people post job appeals. While everyone who has been made redundant has a hard time finding a new job, the hardest hit are those on temporary H1B visas.

Now, a report from Bloomberg reveals that hundreds of immigrants in the United States are struggling to find work and also do not receive adequate guidance in this regard from the companies that fired them. The quoted source says companies like Amazon, Meta, Stripe, Twitter and Salesforce have sponsored nearly 45,000 H1B visa holders over the past three years, but the dropped employees are now not getting enough support.

H1B visa holders or we can say immigrants, who find work in the United States, cannot stay in the country for more than 60 days if they lose their jobs. Workers on H1B visas will have to find a new job in around 60 days or have to leave the country. Visas are generally issued for three years and can be extended depending on occupation. The report said at least 350 immigrants were affected by the layoffs at Twitter and Facebook’s parent company Meta.

People are struggling to find good jobs because many tech companies are laying off and most of them have also suspended hiring for the next few months. There are thousands of job applications on platforms such as LinkedIn and crowdsourced spreadsheets, as well as referrals on various social networks.

The report said the layoffs had a major impact on Indians living in the US on temporary visas. An H1B holder from India, who joined Meta earlier this year, has been looking for a job for some time. He says it’s not easy to get a job in such big tech companies and it takes months to prepare. So, it’s pretty hard to find one in about 60 days, even at a time when companies are cutting jobs on a massive scale.

“It’s hard to tell yourself that even after 15 properly documented years you may still have no way of sticking around. The path to residency is cut off,” he said. Another Indian, Aditya Tawde, believes US companies’ support for immigration is “the bare minimum”. He was fired from TripAdvisor some time ago and claimed 25 interviews, after which he landed a job at LinkedIn just two weeks before his visa expiration date.

Now that many H1B holders are struggling to find work in a limited amount of time, a spokesperson for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency said it was “exploring policy options to address the challenges faced by immigrant communities and pledges to increase access to immigration benefits.It remains to be seen how quickly they can work on this, considering immigrants don’t have much time.

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