It’s that time of year again! Low season is upon us and, as is tradition here at Amazin ‘Avenue, we turn to our community to do something that is always great fun: the Amazon’ Avenue Offseason Plan Contest, commonly referred to as AAOP. If you don’t know, here’s our finalist post from last season’s contest, just so you can familiarize yourself with the format and how things work.

Please note that if you have not registered for a username on the site, you will need to do so more than 24 hours before the contest ends, as there is a 24-hour waiting period before a new user can post on the site.

Rules and guidelines

  1. Submit your voice as a FanPost. The title must begin with “AAOP:” (without quotes) so that the judges can easily find your entry.
  2. The deadline for submission is Friday November 18th at 5pm EST. No exception.
  3. There are no specific formatting requirements. The works will be evaluated for readability, creativity and realism by a group of writers from the Amazin ‘Avenue staff.
  4. For this year’s contest, the 2023 payroll cannot exceed 325 million dollars. The same is true for all future years. Without getting into discussions about what the Mets should or will spend, this will allow participants enough flexibility to do some interesting things with their AAOPs.
  5. You have the power to make qualifying offers to any eligible player.
  6. Use this spreadsheet for arbitration salaries (from MLBTR estimates) and future payroll obligations. Note that we are hiring a minimum league salary of $ 650,000. Note that your final submission must only consider the 26-man roster and must NOT include all of the players included on the sheet.
  7. For a list of free agents available, use MLBTR.
  8. Make sure your list is legal. This means 26 players, of which at least 13 must be position players.
  9. Your AAOP starts at the start of the Mets off-season, so you are free to ignore any decisions the Mets have already made since the end of the season.
  10. Make your contribution as readable as possible. Use spell check, proofread your post and try to make it sound good. If we have to read your plan, we probably won’t like it very much.
  11. The same goes for making your post beautiful. Sprinkle with some pictures, tables and of course Paintz (MS Paint for the uninitiated). Fun aesthetics are a great way to make your piano stand out and keep judges interested while reading.
  12. Make your plan as realistic as possible. Whether the Mets could realistically execute your plan is not important, but the moves must at least be somehow justifiable.


All registrations are subject to the official regulation, found here.

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