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Heidi doesn’t want all of her salary to go into bills and food (Photo: Jam Press)

A super-saver mom shared a ‘simple trick’ that could help you save more than £ 50 a month on your electricity bill.

Heidi Ondrak, 51, of Plymouth, has more than 28,000 followers on TikTok, where she regularly provides advice on how to reduce daily costs.

In one of her most recent videos, Heidi reveals that the key to saving on electricity bills is finding out how much it costs to run each appliance and then adjusting the amount of use.

Once you have this information, you can make logical and economic decisions about which ones to use more or less. Using the hack, he now spends £ 50 less on monthly bills.

In a clip shared on her account, Heidi is revealed to be using a website called “Sust-It”.

This site helps you understand how much your appliances cost to run for 10 minutes and an hour.

He then shows viewers a spreadsheet he created on his computer, which contains a list of all of his appliances.

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“I want to share what I have done as I have saved over £ 50 a month on my electricity consumption and a lot of people are struggling,” Heidi said.

‘I’ve decided to do this so that I can make informed choices about which appliances I use and for how long.

‘I can plan meals that use the air fryer and slow cooker as they are cheaper to use.

‘Also, if I’m going to use things like the dryer that consumes electricity, I can plan what I might use it for and air dry it wherever possible and only use it as a last resort.

‘The oven is expensive, so when I shop I try not to choose foods that need to be baked, etc.

“It also helps me show children that appliances in their rooms have a cumulative impact and why they have to turn things off.

Heidi wants to help others who are struggling (Photo: Jam Press / @ duchessofthrift)

‘It took me literally 30 minutes to do it, it’s so simple anyone can do it.

“Using this and having my list available means I can just cross paths with the fastest, smartest way to cook things or whether it’s better to take a bath or shower.

“It’s just that it really helped me take control of my electricity bill.”

Heidi also has other cost-saving tips for people struggling in this cost of living crisis.

“My best advice would be to shower in the gym if you have a membership – that way you could save a lot of money on your water bill,” he advised.

‘Try to get free or second-hand items before buying new ones.

‘Change the appliances you cook with, to low wattage ones that cook faster, like George Foreman air fryers and grills.

A video from Heidi revealing how she saved £ 50 a month on energy bills.

An image of the spreadsheet (image: Jam Press Vid / @ duchessofthrift)

‘You should also batch cook so that you only use a lot of energy to prepare meals in advance.

‘Leave the dryer, locate the sunny window of your home and air dry it in front of that to take advantage of the natural warmth of sunlight and also open the window for a breeze if it is wet to dry outdoors.

Also, if you are studying or working at home, use a heated blanket instead of heating.

‘You can also save money when it comes to coffee. We do a £ 25 a month deal for five coffees a day, it’s cheaper to study and have a coffee than stay at home and boil the kettle. ‘

Heidi wants to help others save where possible, as she knows the struggle all too well.

“I’m just a mom trying to make ends meet like everyone else, I don’t have a silver bullet for this terrible crisis and the upcoming energy surges,” she added.

‘But I know I still like treats and I don’t want all my salary to go on bills and food, so I try to shave the costs – buying second hand means I can still have nice things.

‘Pulling my belt now means I’m getting used to living on less and being less expensive.

“I think our standard of living has been good for so long that all of this has been a shock, but at the same time we are a waste, all the ideas I share make me more sustainable as well as being frugal options.”

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