A Republican takeaway: “It seems that the quality of the candidates made a difference … As the Republican candidates of the state representatives in the suburbs were very close to Trump’s numbers, I don’t think there is a cause or a person who can be blamed for passing a bad night … the x factor was the quality of the two candidates running for each place … “

Republican losses = a win?

A lobbyist tells me Tuesday’s Republican House leaks could be a blessing: A Republican caucus of 111 is easier to manage than 115+. Losing seats doesn’t look good on paper, but 111 makes life easier for Plocher & Patterson.

I agree.

I wrote something similar a little over a year ago.

Plocher will take the reins of a slightly different Republican caucus in 2023. The reorganization is expected to bring Democrats to the House between two and five seats. And this could actually be useful for Plocher. The truth is, the majority of Republicans in the House have become bulky. As they have expanded their majority in Missouri, the great tent of republicanism is widening its fabric. There are Republicans, libertarians, Trump-first and those who disintegrate on the choice of school. He has brought a lot of RINO (Republican in name only) to point the finger and argue about who is truly conservative. A small caucus can be easier to drive.

Davis leaves MEDA

Trey Davis offers this note: After 12 years as President of the Missouri Energy Development Association, I would like to sincerely thank the members of MEDA for the opportunity to lead such an organization.

Over the years, much has been debated and undertaken by the investor-owned public service sector and their stakeholders in the legislative and regulatory arenas. The landscape continued to evolve and it was a pleasure to have an active role in that evolution.

With the transition of MEDA, I look forward to innovative opportunities in government affairs and the growth opportunities the industry has to offer. I thank the members of MEDA and wish them continued success.


About Bailey for AG: Why would he give up a sacking – a * proven * Trump-appointed attorney and a Marine with bona fide conservatives – for an unknown member in his office for the serious office of Attorney General?

Victory on Dem in Springfield: I must reject the reader’s comment regarding Congressman Elect-Eric Burlison. The facts are that Burlison spent ZERO dollars outside Springfield (check reports), donated more money than any other congressman to HRCC and MOGOP to assist with the State Rep races (check reports), and devoted all his base team at the Rep races in Springfield …

Early Christmas shopping?

Lobbyist Dear Hooverthe daughter Burkley wrote a book on football.

How much can you learn about football from a fourth grade child? Well, it depends on the fourth grade pupil. If it’s Burkley Hoover, you can learn a lot! Burkley is the daughter of a high school football coach who has also taught some great professional football quarterbacks. She learned a lot about her game from her father and shares it in her new book, Here Comes Football; A children’s guide to playing!

Buy the book here.

$ 5K + Contributions

Jackson County Leadership PAC (pro-Cierpiot) – $ 10,000 from Matthew Lowe.


Happy Birthday to Harrison Sweazea, Dwight Scharnhorst, Tom ShivelyAnd Terry Young.

Sunday: Melissa Panettiere, James Owen, Jessica Seitz, Steve HovenAnd JC Kuessner.

MOScout program

I’m going for the weekend. See you on Monday.

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