NeüRMS founder Lanre Olaniyan says the retail management solution will change the way African entrepreneurs do business.

As a retail entrepreneur, you probably already know how important it is to ensure that your customers get what they need in a safe and timely manner and feel valued in doing so. You know better than most that the reward of running a top-notch operation is greater potential for growth – in terms of reach, conversion, referrals, and loyalty. With NeüRMS, managing retail and distribution operations has become much more manageable.

Today, many retail, distribution and hospitality businesses go on with basic operations and are stuck on Excel spreadsheets or other old computer-based tools, while some attempt to use foreign-sourced management solutions. However, they eventually find that these methods are too time consuming, error prone, not designed for Nigeria or even too expensive or overly complex for SMEs.

Well, entrepreneurs now have a breath of fresh air with the introduction of NeüRMS to the market. NeüRMS is a secure, subscription-based, easy-to-use integrated retail management solution that reduces the mundane retail management workload, automates and streamlines operations, and lets you focus on what matters.

Indigenous solution is a cost-effective end-to-end application with features that provide 360 ​​degree monitoring and control over Point of Sale, Inventory and Supply Chain Management with reporting and analytics, all in one place, without any looks of the business operation omitted.

Lanre Olaniyan is the CEO of SoftStructures Limited, an IT company that drives innovation across Africa and whose team developed NeüRMS. He believes that every company needs a structured system for its management because this provides a clear view of all business operations and guides you to make appropriate decisions that will result in growth and profitability.

During its official launch on Thursday, November 3, 2022 in Lagos, it noted that NeüRMS has been carefully designed taking into account the peculiarities of different African economies and societies. Specifically the challenges faced by retail, supply chain and hospitality businesses using foreign design software in Nigeria.

The NeüRMS team involved guests at the launch.

“Most of the software available for retail businesses in Nigeria are not suitable for Nigeria. Some of the most important features are not available for the region or are not accessible. Some solutions are also not smart and users have to enter a lot of entries manually. Sometimes, software packages don’t include your stock. They have limited live carts and cannot cater for multiple customers. These and many more are all existing problems that NeüRMS has solved, ”she said.

Point of Sale function allows businesses such as restaurants, saloons, micro / medium stores, social media stores, etc., to perform functions such as scanning products during sales, issuing receipts, processing payments and much more, all on a single page application. This feature allows any SMB to go from manual to digital upload in minutes, catapulting them into the world of e-commerce, thereby improving customer reach and sales. It is available on all platforms and digital terminals, both mobile and desktop.

For SMBs dealing with FCMG, the software’s innovative supply chain management feature allows them to track inventory levels, request supplier supply, track and negotiate price changes, schedule deliveries, and much more. more in real time, all on an easy-to-use digital platform.

As a business growth tool, the NeüRMS Report and Analytics function provides valuable insights into sales information, purchase order status, credit terms, stock availability and invoice status for decision and strategy implementation appropriate business. Therefore, providing entrepreneurs with an exact picture of what is profitable and what is not. Think of it as software that tells you which products to stock the most or when some of your products are close to expiration and you may need to make a clearance sale. Yes, it is that detailed.

One of the biggest promises of NeüRMS is affordability. Olaniyan asks: “Why does a company making money in naira have to pay so much in US dollars to access its daily tools despite their low scalability and one-size-fits-all design?” In addition to allowing its users to pay in local currency, thus giving cost control, NeüRMS also has multiple levels of access control and allows business owners to coordinate the operations of other business units such as accounts, warehouses, retail managers. , cashiers, etc.

NeüRMS operates in line with global best practices in cyber security and personal / business data protection. It is designed to safeguard users and always ensure data privacy with multiple levels of security. The solution also includes a free web page that guarantees greater online visibility for its customers. At the same time, the company offers 24-hour customer support to users to ensure a seamless and cost-effective experience. “With NeüRMS, you no longer need to pay a web designer to create a website for you,” said Olaniyan.

The founder of NeüRMS added that there is no need for their customers to acquire new hardware. Once registered, the solution is accessible, works seamlessly on all existing desktop and mobile devices, and is compliant with multiple operating environments, including IOS, Android, Windows and Web OS. This disruptive solution is set to revolutionize the way Nigerian and African retail, distribution and hospitality SMEs are managed by leveling the playing field to compete with their larger counterparts.

“NeüRMS is a way of life. The client was part of the journey from its conceptualization to design and coding. We had dealers, engineers and contractors from all industries working with us to make sure we were solving real problems and meeting real needs. This is why we confidently call it a new standard for retail management, ”said Olaniyan.

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