PAULDING – The Paulding Village Council narrowly rejected a committee recommendation to hire a full-time EMT at its regular meeting on Monday, November 7.

However, council members said more work needs to be done as they consider whether to move forward.

The EMS was raised at three different times on the agenda: in committee reports, in the mayor’s report and in citizens’ comments.

Mayor Greg White announced that Sue Crossland will act as an interim EMS coordinator until a replacement is hired. Officials said Dave Foltz had stepped down as coordinator, effective at the end of October.

Councilor Dan Workman reported on the October 24 security committee meeting. They discussed the job duties of a potential full-time EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and coordinator.

The committee recommended that the board proceed with hiring a full-time EMT for 60 hours per week; 35 hours at the station and 25 hours on call. No pay scale has been decided.

A motion to accept the committee’s report would have approved the recruitment recommendation. The Board rejected the motion with Directors Barb Rife, Randy Daeger and Lois Beamer voting no, Tim Boss and David Burtch voting yes, and Workman abstained.

“We will continue to move forward with hiring or not hiring,” Mayor White said.

“If you want to continue, we can still give body [details] until we are all satisfied, and then we can vote again, ”Rife said.

Andrea Schad, Kara Hart and Thomas Shrider from Paulding were present on Monday. Schad said all three originally supported the idea of ​​adding a full-time EMT, but are now urging the board to look into the matter further.

“He really needs to be really looked at, more than just saying, ‘Okay, go ahead and hire someone,’ he told the board. “There will be no way to afford nearly $ 50,000 a year for more than a couple of years. … We will have nothing left in our budget.

The $ 50,000 figure is apparently the estimated salary and cost of benefits for a full-time EMT.

“I’m not saying don’t take the questions and start watching full time, but… it won’t be feasible for more than a couple of years. That’s why the three of us came again tonight, ”Schad continued.

“I just think there are other avenues we can take before we push full time,” Shrider said.

The chief said the council was told it is difficult to find volunteers to cover the 7:00 am to 3:00 pm weekday shift because most people are working and a full-time EMT would help solve the problem. Schad replied that if the board reviews the schedule, weekends are also problematic, as no one wants to run on weekends, especially in the summer. He claims that even if someone is hired, he will still miss some calls.

Several other EMS topics were briefly discussed, but at the end of the conversation Schad told the board: “The most important thing is to look at full time.” The Council thanked the trio for their contribution.

The Council asked Finance Director Cheryl Halter to review the tax rate for the EMS levy and whether it should be renewed as a replacement levy.

Residents are reminded that the collection of bagged leaves continues on Mondays and Thursdays until further notice. Luggage must be tied and placed on the curb for collection.

Halter reported that the utility billing software is finally up and running. If residents notice errors on this month’s invoice or have problems, they should contact the village office.

Some additional services may become available, such as setting up automatic payments. Halter will review options after the first of the year.

Halter has begun work on the village budget for 2012. She and administrator Jason Vance have met with the water department to review budget needs and have yet to meet with the street and police departments. A meeting of the financial committee has been scheduled for Tuesday 15 November.

Vance worked on revising the 2023 cemetery and park mowing contracts, which will need to be withdrawn for tenders.

The councilor asked Vance for a spreadsheet on the status of the vacant building registration program. Vance noted that a couple more notices were sent to building owners.

Mayor White thanked Shawn Brewer and the Paulding High School students for helping clean up the center. He said they worked hard and did a great job.

Barb Rife has called for a building and land committee meeting to discuss relieving drainage problems at Live Oak Cemetery. Rife said engineer Scott Strahley has an action plan ready.

The police department responded to 213 service requests and five traffic accidents in October; has issued a notice of circulation; did not write parking fines; completed 294 security checks; sent 10 garbage warning letters; and has not issued citation of junk ordinances.

In October, Paulding EMS had 105 calls and 87 patients for a YTD total of 757 calls and 690 patients. The team missed eight calls due to a lack of staff and once provided mutual aid for Oakwood EMS.

The public is reminded that the annual Merry & Bright parade is set for November 28th. Non-profit groups and organizations interested in participating in a parade float can get an application on the Community Revitalizing Paulding (CoRP) Facebook page.

The meetings of the board committee scheduled were:

• Building and land commission at 4:45 pm Wednesday 9 November, regarding the drainage of the cemetery.

• Ordinance Committee at 4.45 pm on Tuesday 15 November, regarding the proposal to update the zoning code.

• Finance Commission on 15 November following the meeting of the ordinance commission.

The next regular board meeting is Monday 21 November at 6:30 pm. Audiences can watch live via Zoom at The meeting ID number is 445 135 2151.

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