Are you a seasoned journalist who loves to write but doesn’t love churning out dozens of stories a week for a pittance?

Why not use your skills to earn a suitable salary in the public relations world? Don’t worry, you’ll still be doing all the things that made you want to be a journalist in the first place: talk to people, find original stories, and tell them with precision and panache.

Public relations can be a lot, a lot of fun, especially if your colleagues are a group of journalists who happen to work in public relations because the pay is better and the job is more satisfying.

Rhizome Media is a PR firm run by former hackers who have all worked in senior roles at The Sun, BBC, Express and Daily Mail.

We use our journalistic talent to create real stories – not PR nonsense – for big brands like The AA, the world’s largest job site Indeed, and comparison service Uswitch. Our approach means our press releases are redaction-ready and win our clients tons of coverage.

The last reporter we recruited from a local newspaper rocketed through our ranks to become an Account Director, earning many times what they would earn at a national newspaper.

We’re looking for journalists who can find the story in the most boring board meeting, who feel comfortable searching headlines in a spreadsheet, and who feel confident pitching their ideas to both our bill-paying clients and our senior reporters from The Times, FT and The Sun.

We work remotely, so you can earn a London salary wherever you live. Some things are best done in person though, so we meet regularly for drinks, dinner and fun.

If you have excellent writing skills and a lot of enthusiasm, we’ll teach you the rest. There is a big exciting world outside of journalism and you will never look back.

Necessary skills:

  • Snappy writing: You’ll be a lyricist who can create impactful stories without wasting a word. We want fast and accurate writers.
  • Excellent communication skills: Speak confidently to senior figures and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • Incredible nose for a story: The ability to spot a great story amid corporate chatter and rework a client’s thinly veiled spine into a headline grabber.
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets and data: Many strong and original stories can be found hidden in dry-looking official data. You’ll be happy to discuss numbers from a variety of sources and ready to learn more.
  • Multitasking: Working at a mainstream PR agency like Rhizome means dealing with multiple clients across multiple industries. You’ll appreciate this variety and feel comfortable spinning multiple dishes at once.

Send CV, cover letter and three examples of great stories you’ve come across to [email protected]

Please mention HoldtheFrontPage when applying for this role. This listing will expire on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

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