Radisys® Corporation, a global leader in open telecommunications solutions, is pleased to highlight the winners of the real world solutions Engage Digital Platform in 2022 TADHack Global, a hackathon focused on programmable communication solutions. Radisys provided Telecom Application Development (TAD) participants with access to its award-winning Engage digital platform without code or low-code to develop software projects or “hacks” that address customer challenges or use cases. Radisys’ Engage digital platform provides developers with a comprehensive toolkit to build a full range of communications services, from voice and video calls, to speech analytics and robust AI-enabled conversational digital engagement solutions.

The TADHack Global hackathon ran from October 15-16, 2022, with participants competing in different cities and online. Radisys selected six winners, including a third place draw and two specialized categories, for the best hacks out of 23 submissions using Radisys’ Engage digital platform.

“I want to congratulate all the winners of the TADHack Global 2022 event, especially those teams who have leveraged Radisys’ Engage digital platform to develop such innovative solutions,” said Al Balasco, Head of Media, Core and Applications Business, Radisys . “The development of these extraordinary real-world solutions over a weekend was impressive and underscores the speed with which new ideas and applications can be developed and implemented. Hackathons like TADHack are a great way to show how MSPs and systems integrators can take advantage of an innovative developer ecosystem equipped with APIs and SDKs to build powerful advanced multimedia applications that they can integrate and deliver as new services. ”

Engage the global winners of the TADHack digital platform

  • First place – Field Workforce Helper provides information from inventory to support field workforce activities and routes guard calls to the on-call operator using an agenda in a Google spreadsheet, eventually recording the call information in the spreadsheet calculation. Team member: Nacho Garmilla.
  • Second place – Secret Babble makes multilingual conversations more accessible by providing translations over the phone that can be read aloud by the system or sent discreetly as SMS, providing a transcript of the exchange. Squad: Likewise Geek; Team members: Steve Goodwin and Lily Madar.
  • Third place – Blink is a crowded place application designed to reduce crowds and allow people to easily access information about that particular place. It is used in places such as hospitals, banks, shops and airports, etc. Squad: IT solutions Sibane; Team member: Linda Mosemaka.
  • Third place – Live Connect allows users to connect with experts from around the world for things like learning a new language or finding a math or music teacher, getting help with the golf swing and anything in between. Live Connect helps users find a suitable expert, book an appointment, and connect via computer or phone using Radisys video APIs to bring the expert to clients’ homes. Squad: Real-time connection; Team member: John Cakesy.
  • Best hack in industry 4.0 – FiremeX is a fire detection and alert system that integrates machine vision, warning notifications and audio calls in real time when an event is detected. Squad: RegeX; Team members: Nandula Perera, Raveen Fernando, Suvin Kodituwakku, Dilan Perera, Thenuka Ovin Weerasinghe.
  • Disruptive digital engagement hack – LifeVerse is a real-time healthcare engagement platform that allows you to create and manage different types of clinics in the metaverse for both appointments and real-time consultations with patients. Squad: LifeVerse; Team members: Fahad Mahmood, Sarmad Faheem, Faheem Azhar.

To view videos of the six Engage Digital Platform winners and see all TADHack 2022 hacks, visit https://www.engagedigital.ai/tadhack22.

About Radisys

Radisys, the world leader in open telecommunications solutions, enables service providers to drive the disruption with new open architecture business models. Radisys innovative disaggregated and virtualized enabling technology solutions leverage open reference architectures and standards, combined with open software and hardware to power business transformation for the telecommunications sector, while its world-class service organization delivers integration expertise. of the systems needed to solve complex communications and content providers distribution challenges. For more information, visit www.radisys.com.

Radisys Engage Digital Platform named Unified Communications Product of the Year Award 2022 and Communications Product of the Year Award from TMC, a global integrated media company that covers multiple markets within the communications industries and technology, and won the Innovation Award in Digital Experience Award in the Pipeline Innovation Awards 2022, which recognizes the leading innovators who are transforming the industry with the most significant technological advances. Engage Digital Platform was also named “Highly Commended Best Comms Software” by the Comms Council UK Awards 2022, a celebration of telecommunications innovation, and was shortlisted in the Best CPaaS Platform Award category by UC Today, a leading online publishing for unified communications (UC) and collaboration technology. For more information, visit www.engagedigital.ai.

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