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Rounded, Rachel's List and The Content Byte join forces for a unique collaboration

Finding work, getting paid, managing clients and building a business that pays bills are all key concerns for Australia’s 1.388 million freelancers[1]. Three brands that help freelancers — creative community Rachel’s List, podcast The Content Byte and accounting software Rounded — are joining forces in a unique collaboration.

The three brands have been collaborating for many years. Rachel’s List is a job board and creative community founded and run by Rachel Smith, who also hosts The Content Byte with colleague Lynne Testoni. Rounded offered Rachel’s List members discounts on its services and sponsored the podcast in 2022.

Rounded and Rachel’s List are now formalizing and extending their partnership to bring Rounded category exclusivity to the entire Rachel’s List platform.

Says Oliver Garside, COO of Rounded: “We are so excited to partner with a strong brand like Rachel’s List, a community built by freelancers for freelancers. It aligns perfectly with what we do, which is create easy-to-use online accounting software for freelancers to streamline the business side of their business.”

Rachel Smith of Rachel’s List echoes Garside’s comments: “We have had a longstanding relationship with Rounded since it launched and have been recommending them as a brand for many years.

“Many Rachel’s List members have joined Rounded over the past few years and the feedback is unanimous: So many freelancers want to ditch the spreadsheets and shoebox of receipts and enjoy an easier way to manage billing and fiscal time obligations”.

Content creator Lynne Testoni also joins the partnership as co-owner of The Content Byte, the podcast she hosts with Rachel Smith.

Says Testoni, “Rounded’s sponsorship has helped us grow the podcast to serve the freelance community even more, and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership.”

The three brands are collaborating on a series of freelance content, alongside educational webinars and giveaways for the coming year, as they work to help Australian freelancers grow their businesses, find work and streamline admin requests at the same time.

[1] 1.388 million people (10.6% of the Australian workforce) are owner-managers of businesses with no employees (February 2021 Australian Bureau of Statistics).

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