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The World Cup has really begun and what an incredible first round of matches we have had.

If you’re one of the 435,000 people who entered a team into the Sorare Global Cup ’22, then we hope you got the results you wanted. If not, there’s plenty of time to change things!

Here, regular writer MDJ extension takes a quick look at what happened and what to expect in the next few days.

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Day 1


Sorare divided each round of matches into a “matchday”. It’s fair to say that the first day held a few more surprises than some might have expected!


of Argentina the loss to Saudi Arabia was one of the most amazing results you will see in any World Cup. After a promising start, they fell apart in the second half and now appear to be in a precarious position in Group C. The coaches who have picked Argentina’s defenders will be bitterly disappointed but, on the other hand, it is worth noting that Messi he scored a very respectable 81.9 points and now looks unlikely to be rested in his last two group games.

Japan’s victory Germany Germany have also grabbed the headlines and look far from pinned down to escape the group stage, with a tough match against Spain ahead. Kimmich was submitted by his usual standards but still had 61.4 points. David Raum caused a lot of trouble down the left wing, won the penalty and finished with 90.1 points, so he certainly looks like one to watch for at least the next two games.

Belgium won the match against Canada but only by the hair of the teeth. Kevin De Bruyne looked far from his best and scored just 53.7 points, far below his average. The defense was kept busy, with Courtois the rock in goal (91.8 points) and Alderweireld contributing an assist to finish on 94 points.


Ecuador he looked decent in the opening match against Qatar, even if the quality of the opponents makes it difficult to judge them correctly. Angelo Preciado had 95 points, with just one assist, and Enner Valencia had 88 points with a brace. Ecuador should imagine its chances of getting something from the remaining two matches as well.

Tunisia they only managed a draw against Denmark but looked by far the better of the two teams and could have enough quality to get out of the group. It’s hard to pick out standout players in terms of Sorare’s scoring in that match, as no one scored particularly well, but Dahmen was solid in goal and Msakni looked like he could be an attractive option up front for the match against Australia.

And I could tempt fate here, but of England The 6-2 demolition of Iran was more than most people expected and looks like a good bet to delve into the competition. There are good options across the team, but Jude Bellingham was particularly impressive and finished with a stunning 94.7 points, with one goal.

Day 2

Sorare Global Cup: tips and strategies for the free-to-play game

For day two, you’ll be working with the same group of players you originally drafted, plus any players you happen to win from day one.

If you want to change formation, you have to do it by the deadline of 9 am on Friday 25 November. If you don’t, your team will pass from last time.

Based on what we learned from matchday one, there are a few teams that should have an easier ride on matchday two:

  • Senegal versus Qatar
  • Japan versus Costa Rica
  • Tunisia versus Australia

I guess Morocco will also appreciate their chances against Belgium.

But who knows! Maybe we’ll see more shocks?

Finally, if you’re regretting the players’ early picks, don’t worry too much. You’ll be given the option to draft four more players for the Round of 16, so you just need to keep things going for a while longer! Also, if you participated in Matchday 1, you should receive an extra player card in your squad as a reward.

Participate in the Global Cup and join our Private League via this link use code: NF3UGR

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