Spreadsheet: Definition & Benefits for Cleaning Business

Are you familiar with a spreadsheet for cleaning business? A spreadsheet is a common term to discuss now in this era of technology. It can be said that already many people use a spreadsheet. Though many people have already used it, there are some people who do not know or understand yet what exactly a spreadsheet is and its functions. A spreadsheet itself actually means a number processor. However, that does not cover broad understanding of spreadsheets. Here is the definition of spreadsheets and its benefits for a cleaning business.

What is A Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is an application or computer program that is used to manipulate, capture, and display data arranged in columns and rows. If you are already familiar with computers, you must be already familiar with spreadsheets and number processing. Spreadsheets are usually in the form of table on computers. You can add a formula in the table to process numbers. The table contains numbers that are related to each other. When one number is changed, other numbers in other tables will automatically change as well.

A spreadsheet in a program application can be used to create, organize, and manipulate a worksheet that is created electronically. The functions of spreadsheets are to create a table of worksheets, calculate formulas, create a report of finance, sales, and purchase, and many more. Spreadsheets are very different from databases. A spreadsheet does not offer queries for the database. It also does not provide any data items and data structures that can be labeled as a database. This is why both of them are different.

Do you know who is the founder of spreadsheets? It is Daniel Bricklin and his colleague named Bob Frankston who found this number processor.

The Functions of Spreadsheets for A Cleaning Business

Generally, spreadsheets are a number processing application that is useful for processing data in the form of numbers. For a cleaning business, a spreadsheet is beneficial for helping to create data tables, managing numbers in the form of graphics, creating worksheets, simplifying plans, creating cleaning schedules, calculating the business profits, can be used for statistics, and many others.

Examples of Spreadsheet Applications

Though most spreadsheet applications have the same functions in processing numbers, each of them has its own plus and minus. Here are a few examples of spreadsheet applications.

  • Microsoft Excel

It can be said that Microsoft Excel is the most popular and most used spreadsheet application. Most of you must already be familiar with it. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application launched by Microsoft Corporation. It can be used in the Microsoft operating system and Mac OS as well. Since it has awesome popularity, now you can download Microsoft Excel for free on Google Play Store. So, you can use this spreadsheet application on your smartphone.

  • Lotus 123

The next is Lotus 123. Lotus 123 is included in the Office package, then it is called Lotus SmartSuite. This spreadsheet application is launched by IBM. In the beginning, Lotus 123 was only compatible with the DOS operating system. But along with its development, this application is also able to be used on the Windows operating system. It is called Lotus for Windows. This spreadsheet program became popular back in the 80s.

  • Gnumeric

Last but not least is Gnumeric. Gnumeric is an open source spreadsheet application. The main benefit of this program is its user-friendly interface. Those who are beginners in working with spreadsheets will find it easy to use Gnumeric.

That is the information related to spreadsheets. So, which program or application of spreadsheet for cleaning business do you want to use?

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