Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for High School

Are you too busy? There is a lot of work that made you can’t make a proper spreadsheet lesson for your class? Well, I guess it is time to look for an alternative method. Well, thanks to the internet, we can browse some tips, templates, and such. However, templates are not free stuff at all. Probably because we use it for a commercial-education purpose, which makes you have to pay for it. Well, it can’t be helped then. Designing one or two templates is not that simple. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about spreadsheet lesson plans for high school students.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Lesson Plans Bundle Distance Learning

COVID-19. It can’t be helped. Whether we want it or not, we have to stay at home. It is dangerous to have direct interactions with other people, aside from our own family. Well, learning from home is the only way.

So, this is a bundle of spreadsheet lessons for Microsoft Excel. Well, we can know the purpose is for a basic or intermediate lesson about using Microsoft Excel. It is perfect for High School students, well, Junior High School, to be exact.

The rating is pretty high, above 4 stars. Well, there are 46 people who gave the rating, and they seem to be satisfied with the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for High School Students bundle. The size is only 8 Megabytes, and the price is only $42.50. It is a discounted price, though. To buy this bundle, visit the website to get redirected to the website where you can buy it.

English / LA Spreadsheet Lesson Plan with Drop Down WV Next Gen. Standards

It is a spreadsheet plan with 11 pages for English subject purposes. This one is for 9th graders to 12th graders. So, in other words, it is for both Junior High School and Senior High School. It did not just adopt the WV Next Generation Standards but also has older standards, such as Journalism, Speech, Advanced Placement English, and Literature.

For the price of this spreadsheet lesson plan, it is very cheap and affordable. It is only $5 on the website. Visit the website if you are interested in buying this spreadsheet lesson plan template.

Shopping Trip Spreadsheet Lesson Plan

Well, I guess that people love to shop a lot of stuff, especially during this virus outbreak. Well, want or don’t want to, they have to shop the stuff they want through online. Well, this spreadsheet is actually an interesting thing to do both in class or at home.

This spreadsheet plan is for Economy Accountancy subject purposes. In this spreadsheet, you are pretending to buy a lot of stuff based on how much the budget you decided. Well, I don’t know if you are pretending to shop or not. However, it will be useful too if you actually record your own actual shopping history with this spreadsheet. Applying accounting standards for your personal life can be helpful for your future.

If you are asking about the price of this spreadsheet template. It is also cheap. Why? Because it is not a bundle like the first one. This spreadsheet is only around $5 or $6 on the website. It is suitable for Elementary Students, Junior High School Students, and Senior High School Students. After all, it is pretty fun to pretend to shop. The ratings are quite high. Teachers are satisfied because the students are having fun with the lesson.

As a summary, these spreadsheet lesson plans for high school students are not free. However, they are designed by teachers that know the most effective way to give the subject lessons for students.

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