The Student Services Finance Committee voted to pay the ASM secretary and heard the proposed budget for the Student Activities Center Board of Directors at their meeting on Tuesday.

The SSFC voted on whether or not to transfer the position of secretary of the ASM from an unpaid to a paid position as part of the internal hearing on the budget. The position would pay $16 an hour, Jacobson said.

The secretary of the ASM was considered a higher-paying position than other members of the ASM because the secretary is expected to perform tasks outside of normal hours, such as taking minutes of all meetings and receiving draft legislation, according to the Representative Steven Shi.

Making the position paid will incentivize future ASM secretaries to give their all to their demanding jobs, said Representative Ekaan Ahmad.

“Anyone doing that kind of work should get paid,” Ahmad said. “The location should be accessible and we need to ensure that.”

The commission voted to approve the motion, but reducing the secretary’s hours to three a week.

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SSFC spokesman Kevin Jacobson, also a member of the Student Activities Center’s board of directors, presented a spreadsheet listing proposals for different sections of their budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in July.

There are very few changes to the proposed budget from last fiscal year, which ended in June, Jacobson said.

“The biggest [change] there will be no more salaries in the internal budget,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson added that the needed supplies have gone up in price and are staying there, and that prices don’t appear to be going down, creating an increase in the proposed budget.

SACGB will phase out reservations software to use centralized forms of software with unions, Jacobson said.

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The proposed budget includes a $5,000 increase for repairs and a $2,000 increase for long-term maintenance funds, Jacobson said. SACGB will also transition to the use of desktop computers, leading to another proposed budget increase.

When he wrote the budget for the current fiscal year, he included a $500 allocation for environmental conservation efforts, Jacobson said. He said he didn’t include it in the new budget proposal because $500 doesn’t go very far when it comes to sustainability measures and it would be more productive to put the money to other uses.

“It would probably be better to put more money into the maintenance fund,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson said SACGB will scale up its arts outreach efforts to support the art of the University of Wisconsin in the coming year.

The SSFC will vote on the budget proposal at its meeting on Thursday, according to Vice President Andrew Pietroske.

The SSFC will meet on Thursday 17 November.

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