The SaaS platform that provides a solution for venture funds to build, manage and forecast their portfolios is officially launched, enabling data-driven managers to move beyond spreadsheets.

MORRISVILLE, NC, November 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tactyc, the first software solution to manage venture capital forecasting and planning, today announced its official launch along with an initial investment of $1.5 million. The funding was led by MaC Venture Capital, a leading early-stage investment firm, and 4DX Ventures, a Pan-Africa-focused venture capital firm, with participation from other top investors. Tactyc is entering the market with over 160 clients worldwide, from emerging managers to multi-billion dollar funds and corporate venture arms. The company has more than doubled its revenue in the past five months.

Tactyc was founded in 2019 by Anubhav Srivastava, a Wharton MBA who set out to address many of the pain points fund managers face today in creating and maintaining complex spreadsheet models for their portfolios. Tactyc’s platform simplifies the “portfolio building” process from weeks to minutes. It also enables managers to forecast and manage existing portfolios with powerful GP analytics such as optimal reserve management and probabilistic scenario modeling.

“We’ve seen data-driven workflows are an important indicator of actual fund performance,” he says Anubhav Srivastava. “However, these analyzes today still require complicated spreadsheets that are difficult to create and maintain. The spreadsheet ecosystem is also not flexible enough for real-time insights and scenario planning. Tactyc solves this problem with a seamless solution. solution that combines sophisticated portfolio construction and management. VCs now have real-time insights into actual and projected performance, combined with answers to frequently asked questions about reserves and exit scenarios. We’re enabling every VC to implement data-driven workflows in your fund quickly and without touching a spreadsheet”.

“What Tactyc is providing to the market is an unprecedented asset to the VC industry,” he says Mike Palank, general partner of MaC Venture Capital. “Portfolio construction is such a crucial component of any successful VC and serves as a blueprint for any future plan. Not only does the platform provide tools to build and manage portfolios, it also plays an active role in the overall portfolio success by offering actionable insights to improve returns. This is a total game-changer.”

“At 4DX Ventures, we are acutely aware of how critical data-driven portfolio construction is to determining overall returns and optimizing risk,” he says Raaid Ahmad, managing partner of 4DX Ventures. “In our evaluation of the product as a customer, we were impressed with the sophistication of Tactyc’s data model, which enables modeling of advanced concepts such as capital recycling, future deployment scenarios, and granular business outcomes. That depth combined with speed with Anubhav Lean The team was releasing features that led us to go from evaluating Tactyc as a customer to becoming a customer and ultimately investing in the company.”

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Tactyc is a leading platform for managing venture capital funds and the first software to tackle venture capital portfolio forecasting and planning. Tactyc has over 160 Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital clients worldwide, ranging from emerging managers to established companies. To learn more, visit and follow us @tactycHQ.


MaC Venture Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley that invests in tech startups by leveraging shifts in cultural trends and behaviors. The general partners represent diverse backgrounds in technology, business, politics, entertainment, and finance, enabling them to accelerate entrepreneurs to the brink of their breakthrough moment. The firm provides critical hands-on support for building and scaling category-leading companies, including operational strategy, brand building, recruiting, sales development, and mission-critical presentations. MaC Venture Capital is the result of a merger between Cross Culture Ventures, co-founded by Marlon Nichols, and M Ventures, co-founded by Adrian Fenty, Michael Palank and Charles D. King. Find MaC Venture Capital online at e @MaCVentureCap.


4DX Ventures is a pan-African venture capital firm whose mission is to connect people, ideas and capital to create a thriving African continent and vibrant global community. The company partners with bold and gifted entrepreneurs who are building companies that will usher in Africa’s technological age. The firm seeks founders who are focused, creative, with a growth mindset and possess real drive. 4DX invests early and with conviction, backed by extensive research and analysis, an extensive global network and a deep local perspective. The founders are seen as the company’s partners in the corporate journey, and 4DX is unwavering in its commitment to adding value not only with our capital and network, but also by working closely with each company and providing strategic, operational and technicians who help management teams achieve hyperscale their enterprises. Find 4DX Ventures online at

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