THE Great British Bake Off Final has come to a close, with the bottom three bakers down to just one champion from the 2022 series.

Twelve amateur bakers have slowly been whittled down to just three-star GBBO bakers, who are hoping to be crowned the 2022 winners.

The bottom three – Syariba, Sandro and Abdul – ran into trouble at first when they were asked by hosts Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to create a summer pudding bomb, with no instructions.

But it was Syariba who was crowned the GBBO champion after creating an edible sculpture that wowed the judges with its bold and adventurous flavours.

After receiving the title, Syabira said, “Thank you so much. I can’t believe it, honestly it hasn’t come yet, this is the greatest achievement of my life. All the hard work, trial and error, it was worth it.” sorry. I’m very, very proud.”

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  • Read more about GBBO competitor Sandro

    Sandro, a 30-year-old London nanny, was the first finalist to win a Star Baker and has impressed the judges with her highly decorative cakes throughout the series.

    After moving from war-torn Angola to start a new life in London when he was young, Sandro said: “Based on where I’m from and where I live, that was one of my concerns about applying.

    “I thought this would never really happen to a guy like me from the end.

    “But he’s older than me. Being able to get here shows other boys and girls with the same background that they can too.”

  • What did the judges say about Syabira’s showstopper?

    Syabira settled on an orangutan holding up a forest with Hollywood praising the colors she used but saying the animal’s face could have had more work.

    Judging by the black pepper Genoese sponge cake covered in a fur of chocolate-hazelnut butter, Hollywood said, “It tastes delicious.”

    Meanwhile, Dame Prue described the orangutan’s head, made up of tarragon shortbread, as ‘delicious, buttery and very crunchy’.

    Overall, Hollywood said, “It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but your flavors are superb.”

  • Being a GBBO finalist was like “winning the lottery”

    When asked what it was like to be a Bake Off finalist, Syabira described it as a “lottery jackpot”.

    “I’ve never been the best person in any type of competition or class that I’ve attended, so maybe baking is my hidden talent that I didn’t discover until recently,” she said.

  • All about Syabira

    Syabira, born in Malaysia, is one of seven children.

    She moved to the UK in 2013 to study for her PhD and is now happily settled in London with her boyfriend, Bradley.

    Syabira started cooking in 2017 with a red velvet cake, which reminded her of the delicious treats she used to share with her friends at home.

    She’s all about giving Malay twists to British classics – Cornish rendang chicken pies are a particular favourite.

    Syabira has been a fan favorite of Bake Off with her detailed cakes and use of spices.

  • Sandro’s showstopper described as ‘a bit messy’

    Hollywood described Sandro’s latest show as “a bit messy” and his lemon sponge with plum compote as cooked for five minutes, but said the flavor was “amazing”.

    He added: “I think you struggled on some things today, but you’ve managed to do quite a lot over time.”

  • ‘I feel very proud’ says Syabira Yussof

    Syabira Yusoff has been named winner of the Great British Bake Off.

    The 32-year-old cardiovascular research associate from London defeated competition from Sandro Farmhouse and Abdul Rehman Sharif in the final episode of Channel 4’s cooking competition to take home the grand prize.

    Upon receiving the headline during Tuesday’s episode, Syabira said, “Thank you so much. I can’t believe it, it’s honestly not here yet, this is the greatest achievement of my life.

    “All the hard work, trial and error, it was worth it. I’m very, very proud.”

  • It was worth it

    Syabira didn’t burst into tears as we expected upon learning that she had become the winner.

    She says all the trial and error and all the hard work has been worth it.

    Go girl!

  • The winner of the GBBO 2022 is…

    The GBBO winner is Syabira!

    They beat off tough competition from Sandro and Abdul.

    It was “a great Bake Off” this year.

  • Not a terribly amazing display of skill

    To be honest, it was a disappointing final.

    None really stood out as outstanding, with each baker making its fair share of mistakes.

    The judges are deliberating now.

  • Who will be?

    We’ll find out in five minutes.

    Tense stuff!

  • And finally, it’s Abdul

    Paul loves the colors, but thinks it looks unappealing.

    They criticize Abdul’s macarons for being too big.

    And Prue says Abdul’s choux buns were “a complete fail.”

  • Syabira is next with a wobbly show

    Paul says he could have done more with the texture, but he loves the color.

    Prue thinks there’s too much buttercream, but Paul absolutely loves it.

    The sides aren’t the neatest, but its flavors are excellent.

  • Sandro first with his showstopper

    Paul likes the color and shape of the cake.

    There is lemon curd and cream as the cake was a ‘little chewy’.

    The lemon spoinge with a plum compote was amazing flavor but slightly over the top.

    He also served profiteroles – how fancy!

    Good flavors all round, but Paul says Sandro struggled on some pieces.

  • Who Won GBBO?

    Keep the horses there, we’re about to see the judges taste the pies.

    Then he will go away to deliberate before breaking the news in front of relatives and friends.

    It’s the first time loved ones have been invited to the final day at Welford Park.

  • Bake Off completed

    Matt says “congratulations, you’ve completed the Bake Off”.

    It looks like an endurance test: what a mountain they had to climb!

  • Oh oh Abdul!

    His sculpture seemed in danger of collapsing.

    Last five minutes left!

    The finishing touches are now underway!

  • Is Sandro brave or deluded?

    He just said he’s not planning anything.

    Sandro calmly hinted that he is only going to “feel his stomach”.

    Oh dear!

  • Syabira’s hasn’t fully practiced its latest cooking

    Wish the girl good luck, as she is brave.

    A dizzying array of other items now await bakers.

    It’s their last chance to impress!

  • The Showstopper challenge is over!

    A large edible sculpture on the theme of “our beautiful planet”

    They must have a cake base and show at least three other baking skills.

    They have four hours to do it. Street! Street! Street!

  • Noël is back!

    He’s back for the spectacular challenge.

    he looks a little nervous and sounds very hoarse but he’s back.

  • Paul says no one was worthy to be crowned victorious

    The trio struggle while creating the delicious dish with the winner being the best of a bad bunch.

    Paul later declares that the sample dessert is “only half a set” and deserves no applause.

    Then the hopefuls are tasked with creating a lavish edible sculpture based on the theme of “our beautiful planet” as their last show.

  • Sandro inflated it

    She doesn’t have time to make another summer pudding because hers isn’t ready yet.

    Sandro is now trying to decorate the mistake.

  • Syabira is making her own mini kisses

    There’s a lot of love on her tray, says Syabira.

    Obviously the meringues must be a little chewy inside.

  • Sandro loves his raspberry

    She says raspberry is her second favorite berry.

    But no word on which was first – such a shame.

  • The Technical Challenge – set by Paul Hollywood

    He says “you only get one shot on this so don’t screw it up”.

    It’s a summer pudding bomb and has so many delicious different elements that I’ve lost count of what they are.

    It’s a raspberry, strawberry and elderflower, with jam, bread and cream. It looks fantastic!

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