Gift giving is my love language. I try to remember every little thing the person said to me and turn it into the perfect gift. I love to give gifts both sporadically and often. When the holiday season rolls around, I start to get into my true form: the ultimate donor. You can find my multiple lists of items I want for my birthday or Christmas and my excel spreadsheet to look through who I should shop for. My gifts are also usually themed, which helps me expand the person’s interest. Some past themes included a party pack (cheese board, wine and glassware supplies), a specific sports team (equipment and possibly tickets), or a musical artist (record players, records, posters). All of these themes can be customized for any individual and can be as big or small as you need them to be. Finding an item that screams like the person you’re buying for can help create a solid foundation for curating the perfect gift. Here are my top articles this year for everyone in your life.

A new travel bag

I know Vera Bradley bags are tried and true, but my 8 year old bag has definitely seen better days. As someone who takes frequent weekend trips, I’m always looking for something big enough to fit a couple changes of clothes but less than a suitcase. Beis’ weekender has been all over TikTok, but a quality one on Amazon would also do the trick. To bulk it up, if needed, you can add some packing cubes, a cosmetic bag or travel items.

Kitchen essentials

For those who are just moving out of their parents’ house or who love home decor but don’t like to spend money, kitchen utensils make a great gift. Good knives are an essential part of any kitchen, but often people don’t want to spend the money on them. A non-stick frying pan can change the life of those who love to cook it. Also, if this person has been living in her house for some time, a small decorative object never hurts. Charcuterie boards have been all the rage, and those are very affordable on Amazon. A set of new glasses is also great if they often entertain.


Okay, this is going to sound a little crazy, but hear me out. We all have that friend who loves plants or at least he is very interested in them. Plants can be expensive, so the holidays are a great time to splurge on a plant specifically for them. Plus, a cute cactus or succulent makes a great gift for anyone in your life. It is a low-maintenance living thing that allows them to take care of something. It will also always remind them of you which is an added bonus!

New sneakers

I’ve found that the most widely applicable gift is a new pair of sneakers. Everyone from your cute big sister, to your grandma, to your boyfriend will love it. Obviously the factor that changes here is the type of shoe. Vejas and New Balances have been very popular as more casual sneakers. Nike produces both the classic Air Force 1, but also shoes for more athletic use. Hokas perfect for the active walker or runner in your life as they are built for maximum comfort and support.

A new piece of technology

Technology is constantly evolving; every year there is a new type of phone, speaker or watch. Even though there are new items on the rise, people tend not to spend the money on themselves which is why it makes for such a great gift. Technology is a great gift if you’re looking to spend some extra cash on someone. This goes for all different types of people, too — your mom might love an Apple Watch but maybe your best friend needs some new wireless headphones. These gifts also pair easily with an accessory, like a phone case or new watch band, so they lend themselves to a slightly more thoughtful gift.

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