Vinemont Board Members Chris Thompson, Nina Justice, Charlotte Cosper, Bonnie Goodwin and Sonya Copeland with Mayor Radginal Dodson (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

VINEMONT, Ala. – Vinemont City Council discussed the purchase of new commercial licensing software from Local Government Corporation (LGC) on Tuesday evening.

Mayor Radginal Dodson said the entire state will soon be using the same or similar software.

“This dress will keep up with everything and make sure everything runs smoothly and smoothly,” she said.

“They will all be in the same boat. No matter how small the municipality is, they will all have to abide by the same rules. Every city in the state of Alabama will be on the same system. ”

City Clerk Kayecea Sasser currently uses Excel spreadsheets to keep track of those who have business licenses. “I have no software. I use QuickBooks to print addresses and information. There is no software in our possession that makes everything responsible. ”

The new software is intended to help process and track new businesses and business owners who need to renew their licenses every year. It will also help with the monthly reporting to the Revenue Department.

The council said some new businesses in the city have suppliers who have not obtained the appropriate delivery licenses from the municipality. Sasser said any company operating in Vinemont will need to acquire a business license from the city of Vinemont. Any business that delivers goods worth more than $ 7,500 in the license year will need a delivery license. Delivery licenses cost $ 25 per year.

“(It’s) $ 25 and you have 20-25 delivery companies that you’re not aware of delivering, it adds up,” Sasser said.

The City of Vinemont can take entrepreneurs to court over the issue of restitution. The League of Municipalities also helps the City with lost revenue for insurance companies that do business in the city. Sasser sends the Lega a spreadsheet of insurance companies that have previously purchased a business license each year and the Lega will contact them so Council doesn’t have to spend postage funds to continue sending notices to those companies.

“Business licenses ensure that they are functioning legally and that they are paying sales tax,” Sasser said.

The Municipality currently has around 435 commercial licenses which it renews every year.

The board approved the purchase of the software from LGC in the amount of $ 2,375.

More information on commercial licensing requirements can be found at

The City of Vinemont Free Thanksgiving Meal will be held on Saturday November 19th at the Vinemont School Cafeteria from 11am to 1pm. The meal will feed 750 people.

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