Every organization across multiple sectors strives for growth and profitability. While this mission is ideal, the path to turning vision into action is an uphill battle. Both leaders and growth teams are relentlessly searching for strategies and tactics to push towards a steady trajectory, but they often produce disappointing results. This is caused not by incompetence, but by outdated business models and practices. Simply put, the product of hard work leaves room for desire without the right solutions to act as a backbone.

The obvious gap in most businesses is that decisions are based on spreadsheets, naïve assumptions, and non-data-based information. This leaves organizations unable to optimize the gold mine they are on and harness the proper tools to exploit their full potential. Insufficient research and development resources have resulted in insurmountable challenges for organizations in analyzing and using company-owned data, hindering leaders from making informed decisions and enabling growth. More often than not, growth teams are simply making big swings based on guesses, smart guesses, and theoretical predictions. And for a long time, this has been the standard for many companies, making growth a game of luck rather than a completely plausible plan with actionable insights.

To fill this void, Voyantis’ AI platform helps online businesses predict each customer’s future LTV shortly after acquisition. Their goal is to transform the way organizations acquire and retain ultra-high-value customers, with superior predictive AI solutions and insights from thousands of data points to efficiently achieve maximum profitability.

Know the value of the user in 6 months

One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is blindly acquiring customers who don’t necessarily provide high value to the organization – in short, gaining customers regardless of profitability. This causes companies to build a large client-based network with nothing but junk. This not only hinders the growth of the company, it also drives other customers away and burns employees.

Voyantis fills that gap with Foresight, their cutting-edge AI-powered solution that predicts the future value of every channel, campaign and ad set. This allows companies to discern the value of their customers, instantly assess the efficiency of media spending, and make data-driven decisions. This is displayed through a dedicated dashboard or inserted directly into BI systems via API, allowing growth teams to analyze and evaluate future campaign performance across various KPIs.

Optimization of ad spend for maximum ROI

The optimization goals of most companies are limited to registration, subscription or first purchase. Voyantis reviews this outdated practice through its signal optimization solution that allows companies to leverage AI-powered forecasts to self-optimize acquisition campaigns for maximum LTV. Using zero and first party data, Voyantis AI provides for a) activation, b) LTV, c) retention and d) abandonment at the single user level. It also automatically sends predictive events to Facebook via CAPI and Google via the Google Ads API. This allows companies to optimize campaigns for future value while simultaneously increasing ROI at scale.

Generate audience based on LTV

One of Voyantis’ cutting-edge solutions is Predictive Audiences, which predicts each user’s future value and propensity through AI, enabling companies to generate and activate smarter audiences to increase profitability. The goal is for companies to acquire more customers similar to their best.

Voyantis easily generates audience seeds in real time with the same profile of the most valuable customers. Not only does it allow companies to scale prospecting campaigns without compromising ROI, but it also significantly reduces lead times from acquisition to manifested value.

The key to growth and profitability is to combine human strategies with cutting-edge solutions to take initiatives to higher levels. Bottom line, let the AI ​​do the heavy lifting in filtering out the best customers and optimizing campaigns.

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