What Is a Marketing Plan Spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet software is a kind of software used for handling and managing data in the form of columns and rows. The data can be numbers, texts, or formulations that have been put in a box cell being the cut between row and column. A spreadsheet is one big page containing a table. You can make your marketing plan spreadsheet well. What is it? What is the working principle of this spreadsheet?

The Things about Marketing Plan Spreadsheet 

A spreadsheet is a tabulation application program and data manager on your computer. If you want to make a marketing plan spreadsheet, you can learn how to use and operate it. You can use some kinds of software on your computer to make this spreadsheet. Those are Microsoft Excel and Open Office CALC. Both programs are helping you effectively to calculate the marketing plan and cost. This spreadsheet is also used to do a calculation using a tabulation or table. The standard function is the addition in one range in row or column. You can also find another function like searching for the average value, minimal, maximal, or deviation. The processing automation can be conducted by using macro, for example using monthly estimation.

The Spreadsheet Programs on Your Marketing Plan 

If you want to make a marketing plan spreadsheet, it is great to understand some available spreadsheet programs. What are they?

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Quatro Pro
  • Lotus
  • The spreadsheet on Star Office
  • Lucida 3D
  • Twin Advanced
  • Twin
  • VP Planer
  • Multiplane
  • You may use one of those programs to determine the right marketing plans for your business.

The first software of the spreadsheet for a personal computer is VisiCalc. It was introduced in late 1970. It has used an interactive user interface because it is based on the concept of WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). It is an old principle getting the success of this spreadsheet. After that, the famous application is Lotus. This software was introduced in early 1980 as the number one spreadsheet application. Then, Microsoft Office replaced those programs until the present. It has dominated the entire world with easy spreadsheet procedures.

The Items Included in Marketing Plan Spreadsheet 

If you want to make your marketing plan spreadsheet, it is great to identify some items included in this spreadsheet. What are the items?

Products or Service

Marketing is introducing and promoting a kind of product or service to the market. It is great to include products or services. Your area is registering the main details, functions, and quality of the product or service marketed by your company.


The area is determining the price determination strategy that will be used for planning your marketing.


The next item is about the square. It is an area to determine your business geographic location. You have to know the range area of your business before making this spreadsheet.

Promotion, Budget, Cost, and Income

You can post your budget for every registered media for all running years and then track the cost and actual income. You have to know it before deciding your spreadsheet for marketing.

Media Report

In this item, you will see the annual combination for every track record of the media. It is also added by some indicators helping you to evaluate the performance of every media. It is working to know which media is useless to help your marketing plan.

The Purposes of the Marketing Plan Spreadsheet 

A marketing plan is a part of the business plan. A marketing plan spreadsheet is usually containing a road map from the business selling and marketing the products. It can be the selling target, advertisement plans, selling prediction, market condition prediction, company position in the market, and determined plan to reach the target. It is useful to identify the customers, competitors, and make marketing strategies to make your business develop.

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