The tension in much of the fifth and final season of New Amsterdam existed largely in the Sharpwin fan community. Yes, there is one New Amsterdam fan community, yes there was tension, and no: this is not the hospital show with the boyfriend of Gilmore Girls.

At the end of last season, Dr. Helen Sharpe – played by Freema Agyeman – abandoned Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) at the altar. In Friends terms, it’s like Rachel threw Ross up at the altar even though they’re #endgoals because Jennifer Aniston decided to leave the show in the penultimate season. This is what happened here. Sharpe and Goodwin danced around each other even shortly before Max’s first wife died, and suddenly, after four seasons, that’s not going to happen because a cast member has left the series (there’s been no controversy about his departure – Agyeman was just “ready to move on.”)

In the fifth and final season, however, after Max nursed her broken heart for a couple of episodes, she clearly began to develop feelings for Dr. Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank). They shared looks. She learned to sign so she could communicate without Wilder’s sign, they went for runs together and comforted each other through medical fears. They bonded a lot and are very cute together.

However, Sharpwin’s fans — who sometimes seem to mistake a reality TV show — have expressed disappointment that Max has moved on and often point out how little chemistry Max and Elizabeth have (that’s not true). They believe Dr. Sharpe was screwed, and they believe it even though Helen and Max’s relationship was, at times, deeply toxic. Couriers will ship.

This all seemed to come to a head in this week’s episode of New Amsterdama long day at the hospital that started with Max and Elizabeth bringing each other coffee (awwww, lovely) and ended with the two of them high-fiving and flirting over spreadsheets.

And then it happened.

“Dinner?” Max writes on the laptop that the two use to talk to each other.
“Yes. Hungry!” Elizabeth replies, before getting up to check the takeout menus.
Max shakes his head no. “Let’s go down,” he writes. “Benihana?????”
Elizabeth looks confused. “Like a date?” she signs. And then she writes it.
Max thinks about it for a moment. “Oh yeah. Like a date.
Awkward pause.
Awkward pause.
“No,” Elizabeth says flatly and walks away.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 1.16.34 PM.png


All of that has built up over the course of the season only for Max to be shut down in a very inconvenient way. How come? Is Wilder reluctant to let romance get in the way of their friendship? Are you in any way protective of Dr. Sharpe? Or she has New Amsterdam has been teasing viewers all season, knowing that Freema Agyeman could still return for the series finale in January to appease all Sharpwin devotees? We’ll find out soon. Only five episodes remain, including next week’s two-episode fall finale.

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