One woman detailed the moment she received an email from her boyfriend with a $3.23 bill for the banana and a “piece of toast” she ate at her mom’s house.

Maddy Blythe from Canada started a hilarious TikTok series about ‘men are weird with money’ after her awkward encounter with her ex-boyfriend, who works in finance.

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The 26-year-old recalled a time when she returned home from a trip after visiting her family and found a spreadsheet of hers showing a breakdown of their expenses, including the breakfast she had at her mother’s house.

She said she only met her boyfriend’s family once because they lived in a different city, so it was hard to see them.

“So we traveled to see them and of course, like the good host that I am, I brought a little gift basket with wine, soap and candles because I was going to be staying at her mother’s house for a couple of days,” Maddy said. .

Maddy Blythe received an email from her boyfriend with a $3.23 bill for the banana and toast she ate at her mom’s house. Credit: Maddy Blythe

“The trip went well, we mostly did our own thing, but we had dinner with his mother one night and breakfast one morning.”

Maddy said she and her boyfriend “ended up paying for dinner because it was a bit expensive.”

“We wanted to treat his mom, so it’s okay,” she explained.

But a few days after she got home, she received an email from her boyfriend with the spreadsheet.

“My boyfriend had an Excel document in the email with all the travel expenses, it was fine,” she said.

Maddy said the document was how the couple “normally” split expenses, so it wasn’t anything unusual, until she saw a strange charge.

“I noticed there was a line in his Excel document that I was a little confused about,” she said.

‘Excuse me, sir?’

“The line just said ‘breakfast’ for $3.23.

“So I asked him, ‘Hey, how much is this $3.23 for breakfast?’ and he looks at me, deadpan and says, “Oh well, that’s for the banana and the piece of toast you had at my mom’s.”

Confused, she replied, “Excuse me sir?”

“He was like, ‘Yeah, you ate it, so you owe me and my mom money.’

“This man was dead from trying to charge me for a banana and a loaf of Wonder bread.

“I asked him how he calculated it and he said, ‘It felt right.'”

Despite the “audacity,” Maddy said she reluctantly paid him.

“I paid for it, that’s fine. I gave him the $3.23,” she said hesitantly.

Maddy said the spreadsheet was how the couple “normally” split expenses during their relationship. Credit: Maddy Blythe

Looking back, Maddy couldn’t help but laugh at her ex-boyfriend’s ridiculous spreadsheet, saying she “couldn’t stand this shit” now.

Her video has been viewed more than 750,000 times – with many jokes they allegedly dumped her boyfriend from the moment he started sending an Excel document with expenses.

“I am too stunned to speak. My mind is blown, girl I can’t imagine, you were a guest in her house,” a woman said.

Another wrote, “You should have made him pay for that gift basket and then break up with him.”

One woman asked, “Oh my god. This is beyond crazy! Did she pay for half the gift basket?” to which Maddy replied, “Girl, you know she didn’t.”

Another suggested, “We were going to break up right there.”

While one added: “I (would) have broken much earlier than that trip. The mention of a spreadsheet analysis I would have walked out! Imagine living like this!

“$2 for ice cream”

Meanwhile, many have shared similar stories about loved ones who are petty about money.

“My ex charged me for a $2 ice cream sandwich he bought me (unsolicited as a GIFT). I paid him and then broke up with him,” one woman said.

Another revealed, “I dated a guy in college who made me PAY IN ADVANCE for gas for a trip to visit HIS FAMILY and then I found out his mom had sent him money for me.”

One woman added: “My sister-in-law did this to me once. We were about to prepare an anniversary dinner for mom and dad. Nothing beautiful. I am single and are a family of five.

“He sent me an invoice for exactly half the cost of each item including the spices. I took the wine, but that obviously wasn’t factored in.

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